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I found an interesting article today that says the acutal inventor of the iPod is not Apple but some furniture salesman named Kane Kramer from the UK.  Apparently his invention Buy Paxipam Without Prescription, was patented in 1979 (I believe he calls himself a revolutionary) but since he couldn't afford to pay the costs to keep the patent, it fell to public domain where Apple more than likely found it and gobbled it up .  I do admit, it's a great design and years ahead of it's time.

I am borrowing this picture from his site that shows his early patent drawings, Paxipam recreational. Low dose Paxipam, What I also find interesting is that no mention of this guy would have ever come up if Burst Patents hadn't tried to cash in on Apple's sucess by trying to claim the iPod violated it's own patents.  In Apple's defence they said, wait, Paxipam price, coupon, Paxipam without a prescription, no, you don't have the patent, Paxipam no rx, Paxipam steet value, we stole it (legally) from this British Bloke over here.  Oh, and thanks for the good idea, Paxipam use, Where to buy Paxipam, buddy, here's a free iPod for your trouble, Paxipam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Paxipam brand name, Too bad his iPod broke after less than a year.  I feel kinda bad for this guy, I mean, online buying Paxipam hcl, Paxipam samples, if he had been able to hold onto his patent would we all be listening to music on our Kane Digital Audio Player?  Or would Apple have found another public domain patent to copy. It's always interesting to me how these things turn out.  Any comments, fast shipping Paxipam. Effects of Paxipam. Buy Paxipam without a prescription. Paxipam over the counter. Paxipam dosage. Buy Paxipam online cod. Purchase Paxipam online no prescription. Purchase Paxipam. Paxipam online cod. After Paxipam. Buy no prescription Paxipam online. Rx free Paxipam. Online buy Paxipam without a prescription. Paxipam pictures. Paxipam pharmacy. Order Paxipam online c.o.d. Paxipam dose. Paxipam price. Generic Paxipam. Paxipam alternatives. Australia, uk, us, usa. Paxipam pics. Real brand Paxipam online.

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Believe it or not the Chinese earthquake that killed 12000 people and counting was predicted by a mass migration of frogs Buy Halazepam Without Prescription, . Buy Halazepam online no prescription, Yes, the massive earthquake in China yesterday that killed thousands of people was predicted by an incredible movement of frogs that was noted by the public as a bad omen, about Halazepam. Halazepam canada, mexico, india, The government told the people that the idea was silly and that it was just the frog's natural migration (across major roads that had not seen this kind of frog travel previously) for mating. The mass movement was first noticed on May 5th, Halazepam no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, Even with all of our scientific methods of testing this just goes to show we still don't know enough to tell when horrible tragedies like this will occur. But animals do, Buy Halazepam Without Prescription. Or apparently they have some idea, order Halazepam no prescription. Buy cheap Halazepam no rx, Maybe we can prevent all the deaths next time by watching out for weird things like this. Or maybe will we evacuate a whole area and nothing bad will happen at all, Halazepam pharmacy. Halazepam online cod, Who knows. Canada, mexico, india. Where can i buy cheapest Halazepam online. My Halazepam experience. Halazepam dose. Halazepam no rx. Halazepam used for. Halazepam without prescription. Halazepam wiki. Is Halazepam safe. Is Halazepam addictive. Halazepam samples. Halazepam recreational. Halazepam pharmacy. No prescription Halazepam online. Is Halazepam addictive. Online Halazepam without a prescription. Ordering Halazepam online. Buy cheap Halazepam no rx. Where to buy Halazepam. Halazepam treatment. Halazepam from mexico. Halazepam brand name. Halazepam natural. Low dose Halazepam. Purchase Halazepam online. Where can i find Halazepam online.

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bottledwater.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to drink water you hear about this Dalmane For Sale, . This headline on yahoo.com today strikes fear into the hearts of all Americans who thought it was healthy to drink water. Order Dalmane online c.o.d, Yes, conspiracy theories aside, there was a five month probe to find out what was actually in our drinking water, purchase Dalmane online. And do you know what they found out. Online buying Dalmane hcl, I think you might since I put in in the headline of this article but allow me to reiterate. They found prescription drugs and other stuff in minute concentrations in our drinking water, Dalmane For Sale. Minute. I.e, Dalmane dangers. small amounts. Herbal Dalmane, Very small. Dalmane For Sale, But still present. And what do our utility companies say. Is our water safe, Dalmane over the counter. Should we be allowing our selves and our loved ones to drink this water. Order Dalmane from mexican pharmacy, This aqua pharmaceutical cocktail that comes out of our taps and into our glasses, into our showers and baths and food.

First off, let's talk about media hype, Dalmane For Sale. It's built up around times when people are getting too worried about other things: war, Dalmane use, elections, Dalmane photos, terrorism, etc, to distract everyday people like you and me from these intense subjects by worrying about something else, Dalmane street price. In magic it's call slight of the hand. Dalmane description, The magician makes you look the other way and does the trick while you are distracted. Then, viola, doses Dalmane work. Dalmane For Sale, You didn't even know what was happening and now it's already over and you are just left to wonder how it was done without you noticing.

So, After Dalmane, the media creates hype and fear about your drinking water while there are several other important things to be reporting to the good people of America about so that you are distracted. Yes, something in the water is very scary, cheap Dalmane no rx. You need water to live and you trust the water that comes delivered to you. Dalmane duration, So, I agree, it's a scary idea that there is something in the water, Dalmane blogs.

Which brings me to my second point, Dalmane For Sale. Something in the water. Dalmane trusted pharmacy reviews, Well, if there is something in the water, let's think about it, canada, mexico, india, how did it get there. Dalmane natural, Where did it come from. You can spend a lot of time thinking about this one but I think the answer is pretty clear. If you flush something down the toilet it does not just disappear Dalmane For Sale, . I know, Dalmane long term, powerful stuff, Get Dalmane, this. It goes to a processing plant where the water soluble stuff is cleansed out of the water, the water is filtered and cleaned and pumped right back into the river, Dalmane mg. And then the water is pumped out of the river, Where can i buy Dalmane online, filtered again and pumped back to your houses. Unless you drink well water and this topic isn't really as scary to you. Anyway, so everything you flush down the toilet ends up somewhere and these drugs are coming out of you, Dalmane For Sale. The antidepressants, comprar en línea Dalmane, comprar Dalmane baratos. From all of the oversubscribed army of depressed Americans. Dalmane alternatives, The heart medication. The sex hormones. Dalmane For Sale, Just think about it. Your body does not absorb all of the drugs, buy generic Dalmane, you pee out the extras. Dalmane maximum dosage, And they don't get filtered as well as the other stuff because the chemical compounds are too small.

I want you to think about something. Think about this, ordering Dalmane online. Before you get to drink up this tap water cocktail, the fish in our rivers are swimming in it, Dalmane For Sale. Using it to breath, Dalmane without prescription, absorbing it into their bloodstreams through their gills. Actually I don't know if that is happening or not but just think about it this way: Little fish absorb it. Get eaten by bigger fish, buy cheap Dalmane no rx. The big fish absorb that and the stuff in the water as well. Dalmane For Sale, They get eaten by bigger fish. Fast shipping Dalmane, We eat biggest fish, the highest concentration of yum yum pharmaceuticals. Fish are the new antidepressant, Dalmane used for.

Either way, Buy Dalmane from canada, I told you I don't know if that is the case or not, I just wanted to you think about it. Think about your impact on the world, rx free Dalmane. And, don't just tell me you will drink only bottled water, Dalmane For Sale. What a scam. Dalmane cost, Take a few minutes and watch this mighty awesome Penn and Teller's Bullshit episode on what a lie the bottled water industry is. If you didn't already know, most of the bottled water you drink is not filtered or it is just tap water that you are paying 1000 times more for.


They say it's still okay to drink tap water. That it will not have adverse affects on you. And I tend agree with them.  Do I think we should ignore it, though?  Not at all.  Just remember that what you do affects others.  Stop taking unnecessary prescriptions.  Stop over medicating every headache or bad day.  Stop allowing our children to be put on Ritalin or other drugs to control them.  Kids are supposed to be hyper and full of energy.  They are kids.  We medicate ourselves so much we forget what normal is supposed to be like.  I am not saying drugs are bad.  But people are over prescribed.  There is a pill to fix every little thing that could ever bother you.  Never mind, I am getting preachy. Just think about it.

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Buy Serax Without Prescription, Here is my second amazing podcast this time talking about the Coreys.

And for those who want to play the DWallz podcast drinking game at home take a shot every time I say "of course", kjøpe Serax på nett, köpa Serax online. Buy Serax without a prescription, (Okay morons since everybody seems to be having such a hard time figuring out how to listen to the podcast let me explain, either lick on the link and play it in your browser with whatever program you have setup to play mp3 files OR right click and "Save Target As" to your desktop and then listen to the mp3 file with whatever program you like that plays mp3s, Serax interactions. Serax price, Was that clear enough for everybodyor do I need to make a powerpoint presentation?)

DWallz amazing podcast 10-20

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Rivotril For Sale, This is my inaugural podcast where I discuss the the shooting at Success Tech. Please don't be too distracted by my sexy voice and miss my important message, Rivotril without prescription. Rivotril images, DWallz Awesome Podcast 10-16-07

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