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Quick Links for July 10th

Why our generation, or anyone who enjoys music, shouldn't enjoy being a pirate and how to change the industry:a comic. http://www.scottmccloud.com/comics/icst/icst-6/icst-6-full.html A response to the above comment about the folly of micropayment. http://www.nothings.org/writing/upay.html And, I heard that this is terrific: http://b3ta.hnldesign.nl/beta309.gif

What did we learn today?

Interesting links we found today:
  • moblog: The Windows Shutdown crapfest » How to take a bunch of talented UI designers and developers and end up with the confusing mess that is the Windows "shut down" menu.
  • Traffic Wave Experiments » How one driver can calm traffic and stop bottlenecks on the highways.
  • Evolution of a web design » Time-lapse of how a web design is created. This is a great illustration of how standards-based, HTML and CSS designs are done - start with some content, mark it up semantically, then create the visual presentation.
  • Flickr: Camera Finder » Graphs of the most popular cameras used on Flickr, the popular photo-sharing website. Really cool use of data collected incidentally.
  • Improv Everywhere Mission: Ben Folds Fake » Ben Folds, caught lip-syncing! Also, what happens when you hit a crowd of 3000 with a 10Hz 'brown note'?