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Best Video Ever!!! (Not!)

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this video is indeed a fake. Apparently Pauly Shore is so desperate for attention he faked this fight to get people to pay attention to him. The fact that I fell into his trap of publicizing him sickens me. I think the only fair punishment for this hoax would be for Pauly to be put to death by being dissolved in acid. Now I know this seems harsh but if we don't take a stand now Pauly shore will continue to terrorize the country with his unfunny schtick. I'm not doing this for me, think of the children and how happy they will be to be in a Pauly shore free world. This has got to be the best video I have ever seen on the internet period. It features none other than the Weezel himself, Pauly Shore, getting knocked the fuck out in a club in Texas. You might be asking yourself, now what did Pauly do to deserve this? Obviously you have never seen Encino Man, Son in Law, Bio-Dome, Jury Duty, etc. Why does someone as seemingly devoid of humor as Pauly Shore have a career in showbiz? ...Oh that's right, his mother owned the Comedy Store and basically got him into it. And she also gave him millions of dollars to mooch on because I'm sure Pauly isn't still living of that Bio-Dome money. Finally Karma has reared its fist and given Pauly exactly whats his had coming his whole life. The best part of the fight is notice how the Cop only comes to get the guy after he knocks out Pauly, obviously he wasn't in a big hurry to save the Weezel's ass. Also the crowd is laughing and cheering after Pauly gets hit, probably more laughs than he's ever got in his career. Now if only Rob Schneider would go to Texas the world would be at peace. So without further ado enjoy! [youtube]GtrBZJ9pYC0[/youtube] Š

I Like You, Do You Like Me?

[youtube]K2PyiuxfZ5Q[/youtube] Unless you have been under a rock for the past month and don't know who Borat is, it should come as no surprise that his movie opened at #1 this weekend. The Borat movie is one of the funniest movies to come out in a while and definetely pushes the boundaries of humor about as far as they can go before someone is killed, which he almost is a couple of times in the movie. What is surprising though is that the movie was only showing on 837 screens versus the Santa Clause 3 (ugh they actually made a part 3), which was on 3458 screens. Even though it was shown on less than a third of the screens, it managed to make $26 million while Shitty Clause 3 made only $20 million. You would think after all the hype this movie has been receiving that that the studio would have a little more faith in it and put it on more screens opening weekend. They are expanding it to over 2500 next weekend, but they have already missed the big opening weekend splash which is what movies nowadays are all about. Think how much more money the studio could have made if thet had it on more screens. They probably were just trying to hide the movie because Hollywood is controlled by the Jews and they didn't like the making fun of Jews in the movie. But the public spoke with their wallets and made Borat #1, despite the best efforts of those Jews to keep it down. Mel Gibson would be proud!

All about our Klub on tolerance and understanding.

Hi guys! My name is Jamal and I just wanted to introduce our new Klub. This is the Gay Black Jewish Klansmen for Tolerance and Understanding Klub. I am this years (our first!) President and cofounder with Dante. I am posting a picture of our first meeting after we got the robes specially made in Mexico. (They were expensive! Who knew that pink and purple satin cost so much!) kit and kaboodle Not pictured: Danny. We told him that he didn't fit the criteria for the Klub but he kept showing up at Dante's house and saying things like "I thought you were understanding! Either way, we had to change the night so he would stop coming. And, Dante's mom told him that if he shows up again, she will call the police. Thanks Dante's mom! So, in the front row from right to left: Dante, Tyron, and Me (Jamal. I really wanted to hold the sword cause swords are cool!) In the back is Tyron's dad (He is not in the club. I mean, he's not even gay. He has a son! And we told him not to have a gun, it sets a bad image for us! But it's his house and his rules...), Lamont (who is behind Tyron, we should have worked that one out better, you can't even see him!) and Jerome. And there is Patrick from Spongebob on the side, he is our unofficial club mascot! Our meetings are every Wednesday at 7:30 in Tyron's Mom's Basement. Afterwards we watch some Spongebob Square pants! (it says that on our sign but it didn't come out so good when I posted it. Sorry!) So, that's our new Klub. If you are in or around Smyrna, Georga and would like to join, please email me! We do have some rules, tho, so email me to see what they are. I don't feel like typing them all now, it's almost time for our second meeting. I just wanted to put up the notes from last week so that Jerome doesn't get pissed that I made him take notes. The Notes! I am going to put dashes next to each item on the agenda, cool? -Is it Kool that Jamal is president? In favor: 4 Against: 1 (Jerome, you faggot!) -I can't read Jerome's handwriting. Whatever. I am pretty sure we just hung out and then watched Spongebob after we ate a pizza that Tyron's dad brought us. I don't really like sausage so hopefully tonight it has pepperoni. -Meeting Adjourned when Tyron's mom kicked us out for breaking the couch downstairs. Sorry Tyron's mom! Okay, guys, we hope to see you next week! Don't forget that this week's theme is how to tell your mom that your gay and next week we are getting self defense lessons from my uncle Sherman. He's kinda old and creepy and once he touched me, but he said he would teach us how to go straight for the nuts. That's gonna be a good meeting. Don't forget, we meet every Wednesday at 7:30 pm, then we watch Spongebob. See you there!