Borat Humor Jews Movie Movies Post Weekend-Gross

I Like You, Do You Like Me?

[youtube]K2PyiuxfZ5Q[/youtube] Unless you have been under a rock for the past month and don't know who Borat is, it should come as no surprise that his movie opened at #1 this weekend. The Borat movie is one of the funniest movies to come out in a while and definetely pushes the boundaries of humor about as far as they can go before someone is killed, which he almost is a couple of times in the movie. What is surprising though is that the movie was only showing on 837 screens versus the Santa Clause 3 (ugh they actually made a part 3), which was on 3458 screens. Even though it was shown on less than a third of the screens, it managed to make $26 million while Shitty Clause 3 made only $20 million. You would think after all the hype this movie has been receiving that that the studio would have a little more faith in it and put it on more screens opening weekend. They are expanding it to over 2500 next weekend, but they have already missed the big opening weekend splash which is what movies nowadays are all about. Think how much more money the studio could have made if thet had it on more screens. They probably were just trying to hide the movie because Hollywood is controlled by the Jews and they didn't like the making fun of Jews in the movie. But the public spoke with their wallets and made Borat #1, despite the best efforts of those Jews to keep it down. Mel Gibson would be proud!