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Best Video Ever!!! (Not!)

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this video is indeed a fake. Apparently Pauly Shore is so desperate for attention he faked this fight to get people to pay attention to him. The fact that I fell into his trap of publicizing him sickens me. I think the only fair punishment for this hoax would be for Pauly to be put to death by being dissolved in acid. Now I know this seems harsh but if we don't take a stand now Pauly shore will continue to terrorize the country with his unfunny schtick. I'm not doing this for me, think of the children and how happy they will be to be in a Pauly shore free world. This has got to be the best video I have ever seen on the internet period. It features none other than the Weezel himself, Pauly Shore, getting knocked the fuck out in a club in Texas. You might be asking yourself, now what did Pauly do to deserve this? Obviously you have never seen Encino Man, Son in Law, Bio-Dome, Jury Duty, etc. Why does someone as seemingly devoid of humor as Pauly Shore have a career in showbiz? ...Oh that's right, his mother owned the Comedy Store and basically got him into it. And she also gave him millions of dollars to mooch on because I'm sure Pauly isn't still living of that Bio-Dome money. Finally Karma has reared its fist and given Pauly exactly whats his had coming his whole life. The best part of the fight is notice how the Cop only comes to get the guy after he knocks out Pauly, obviously he wasn't in a big hurry to save the Weezel's ass. Also the crowd is laughing and cheering after Pauly gets hit, probably more laughs than he's ever got in his career. Now if only Rob Schneider would go to Texas the world would be at peace. So without further ado enjoy! [youtube]GtrBZJ9pYC0[/youtube] Š