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Personal Responsability, Who Me?

Pretty much no one nowadays takes any personal responability for their actions. Look at Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He still refueses to admit he had anything to do with the firing of the attorneys even though all the evidence points to him doing so. All he has done so far is pretend to not remember anything and blame all of his subordinates for what happened. Look at the TB patient who flew all around the globe potentially infecting people. He blames everybody else, even though he was repeatedly told not to travel and to seek medical treatment. Apparently his wedding was more important than the health of anyone else besides himself. Then he has the nerve to say that quarentine procedures are unconsitutional. Ok Mr. Big Shot lawyer good time proving that case while evryone on those planes sues your ass. Akon is the latest egomaniac to emerge. He's already in hot water for dry humping a 14 in the Caribbean. Now at the recent K-Fest in Fishkill Akon hurled a 15 year boy from the stage after he threw something at him. [youtube]yT7Z-uTAbEc[/youtube] He has released a statement from his lawyer saying he did nothing criminally wrong. Um shouldn't there also be an apology in there saying how you were sorry you threw a 15 year old off of a stage? Or is that ok now for a grown man to beat up a kid. If you throw something you deserve to be kicked out of the concert not hurled from the stage. Why is this considered acceptable behavior? Why isn't he being kicked off of the Gwen Stefani Tour and dropped from his record label? Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this one? Oh so when you hurt somebody with something you say on the radio it's not okay and you should be fired, but when you actually try and hurt a 15 year old that's suddenyly fine? All these corporations that claim to care about values apparently don't care either. So wrtie or email Akon's record label Universal Music Group and Verizon Wireless who also sponsors him and tell them that beat up 15 year olds isn't acceptable behavior. Also boycott the Gwen Stefani tour until she kicks him off. Send a message that just because your famous you can get away with whatever you want. People need to be shown that there are consequences to their actions. Otherwise society will just keep going to hell in a handbasket.