The Name’s Rasty, Peter Rasty

Recently there been a big deal made about the movie 300 and its portrayal of pederasty. After seeing the movie I can’t understand what all the hubbub is about. First off there is really no hard core pedo action in the film, what a disappointment. Not even a little ball tickling. That’s probably why it only got 1 pair of bloody underwear out of 5 on the NAMBLA website.

Secondly I don’t see what the big deal about pederasty is all of the sudden I mean man boy love is as old and natural as slavery. Almost every cultural around the world has participated in pederasty at sometime. Until Christianity came around it was no big deal. But then for no reason they had to portray it in a negative light. It’s not like the priests were even following their own rules either, but they expected the rest of us to.

I mean who really gets hurt by pederasty, besides the young boys? That’s right nobody it’s a victimless crime. It’s time people stop discriminating against it. It’s the 21st century and we need to be more open minded like the people in the 1st century. And really don’t knock it until you try it. You haven’t really lived until you have a 12 year old boy holding your nuts. I’ve listed some of my favorite proverbs about pederasty just to give you people some inspiration:


  • The cunt's value knows the Afghan, the rear's worth knows the Kabuli.


  • How do you separate the men from the boys? With a crowbar.

Ancient Greece

  • A lover is the best friend a boy will ever have.


  • For a boy, they will kill. For a woman, never.


  • If you crave joys, tumble some boys.


  • Women for breeding, boys for pleasure, but melons for sheer delight.

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