Mr. Deity

Don't you just love finding cool little things on the internet and sharing them with everyone you know? I do. So, that is why you are getting yet another video from me. Yes, I know this is lazy blogging but you love it and you know it. And I just know you will love this. I just know it. So, use that overexposed mouse finger you have there and click on the "play" button, I know it doesn't say play but it's the triangle. I don't know why they picked a triangle to signify play but maybe they thought that the forward looking motion means something to someone. Or, maybe triangles are really playful. I think that it's the second of the two. Playful triangles. Frolicking around when there is work to be done, which is done infact, by squares. Definitely. [youtube]rKM_JlCIMak#GU5U2spHI_4[/youtube]

  1. the triangle is an arrow pointing forward filled in for visability purposes. where as the fastforward is two arrows overlapping. :P

    The Vic
    March 1st, 2007 at 11:48 pm

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