Elmo to the Xtreme!!!

Recently after much speculation Fisher-Price has unveiled T.M.X. Elmo. The T stands for Tickle, the M for Me and the X is for XTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right this ain’t your daddy’s Tickle Me Elmo! Oh No, this is new hip edgy Elmo for a new generation. Outta the way grandpa cuz theirs a new Elmo in town and this time he’s XTREME. You might be asking yourself what exactly makes this Tickle Me Elmo so XTREME? Well I’ve been able to get my hands on some secret documents that exactly outline his XTREMENESS!!!!!

  • When you tickle him instead of laughing and shaking he bitch slaps you in the face and says, “Make me a Sammich Hoe!â€?
  • Elmo now comes with a BMX Bike, Skateboard, Inline Skates, and Snowboard for him to perform his signature moves such as the Tickle Shake Nose Grind 1080°
  • Elmo comes with his own Tattoo needle so you can give him Rad Tats such as, Muppet 4 Life, M.W.A (Muppets with attitudes), and Sesame Street Insane Killaz
  • Elmo now has nipple rings that when you tickle, he moans and tells you to â€?Spank me harder Mommyâ€?
  • Finally he comes with sunglasses, trench coat and Uzi to go on a shooting rampage after all the other Muppets constantly called him gay (Tell me Grover do you believe in God?)

Who knows what Toy will be given the Xtreme treatment next? Give you opinions on what extreme toy you would like to see. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for He-Man Xtreme now with realistic anus.

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