The awesome new iPod feature no one is talking about

You may have seen some of the lavish coverage of Apple's new updates to iTunes and their iPod line of Mp3 players. The new iPod Shuffle you can clip to your pocket, the multicolored Nano, and the battery-upgraded video iPod are all great, but they're not really new.

The coolest thing announced Tueday? Two words: iPod eyeBuds.

iPod eyeBuds

This feature has gotten almost no coverage from the mainstream media or the blogging community. Could that because it was so far away from their precious predictions and speculation?

The eyeBuds (perhaps iBuds, I'm not sure of the spelling) are the replacement to the nearly ubiquitous white earbuds, the headphones that used to come with the iPod. This is a risky move for Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL), because the slim white wires are pretty iconic. They could be seen dangling from ears just about everywhere you went, from campus, to the subway, to Starbucks, to you brother's campus when you went to visit him that one time. Will the eyeBuds have the same success?

Steve Jobs is the man

Of course! As Steve Jobs demonstrated to the crowd, the eyeBuds will allow you to watch TV shows and full-length movies downloaded from the iTunes Video Store while on the go. Now you can enjoy The Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, or Pirates of the Caribbean II while jogging, waiting in line for your dry cleaning, or driving to work. I have a 2-hour commute and let me tell you, radio is as boring as watching some dude sleep for 6 hours.

For those of you who say driving while watching a movie is unsafe, let me just remind you that people who have lost an eye are still fully able to get a driver's license in the State of California. So I say, why am I wasting two eyes on watching the bumper in front of me, when one eye could be seeing something dramatic and entertaining?

Have you gotten you hands on one yet? Theories to why other blogs are afraid to cover this? Post below.

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