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Bibles for Porn

A student group of Atheists at University of Texas, San Antonio, have started a campaign which allows people to trade their bibles for pornographic magazines, such as Playboy and Penthouse. Their logic being that the bible is a very negative force in world history and porn would be more beneficial. They came up with this campaign as a creative way to exercise their freedom of speech. Obviously religious groups on campus were less than pleased with the idea. There are similarities here to my previous article in which a local church tried to use less conventional methods to attract new people. However, what the atheist group is doing is a little different. By handing out porn the group is obviously seeking attention and trying to make people mad. They are not seeking to inform people about Atheism but instead going for shock value. I think that tactics like this give all atheists a bad name. It make them seem like intolerant people who can't stand the idea of "idiots" who believe in God or any other any other type of religion. I don't know why they expect others to respect their beliefs when they hold others beliefs in such low regard. The point of Atheism was to look for scientific answers to the unexplained rather than rely on blind faith, not to harass religious people by implying that porn is better than the bible.  Obviously none of the group have read the bible or they would know that it is not only a religious document, but also a historical one. It can also be argued that without religion and the bible we would not have modern civilization, ie. the Renaissance. People should respect each others beliefs otherwise you just end up being as ignorant as the person you are trying to protest against.