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Tuesdays @ 9:30 on ABC

In a nutshell: Office Space Acyclovir For Sale, in a car

It's a sad time in TV Land right now, where the WGA Writer's Strike has sucked the life out of any good show that was on a roll and left use TV lovers scraping the bottom of the barrel for something - anything. - to fill these dark winter nights between football and Lost (yes, Acyclovir results, My Acyclovir experience, all of you football fans I am aware of this "playoff" thing, but as a Clevelander, Acyclovir reviews, Is Acyclovir safe, football is dead to me until after the next World Series.) So, down to the bottom of the barrel we go, Acyclovir recreational. Ordering Acyclovir online, I saw a commercial for this show and thought "OK, this premise won't last long" but the promo failed to mention that the show was created by Bruce McCulloch of The Kids in the Hall, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Acyclovir class, plus co-produced with Joe and Anthony Russo of Arrested Development, so when I found that up I sat straight up and decided to give it a whirl (and by "whirl" I mean "download.")

The plot is as you would expect - four guys from the same California neighborhood sharing a carpool to their boring office park, get Acyclovir. Fast shipping Acyclovir, About 1/3 of the show revolves around the actual car driving and the rest is about their quirky families.

Gracen Brooker (Fred Goss) is a mediator (kind of like a lawyer/shrink) whose wife is an aspiring real estate agent (played by Faith Ford) and son is a classic doofus character named Marmaduke, purchase Acyclovir for sale. The character of Gracen is ho-hum, but Ford does an excellent job not swinging her character too far in to "goofy housewife-turned-careerwoman" land and this Marmaduke kid is something to be seen, Acyclovir For Sale. Acyclovir no rx, A larger, more disturbing Napoleon Dynamite if you will, Acyclovir overnight. Taking Acyclovir, Words sort of fail me when I go to describe the character that is Marmaduke (it's unclear so far how he got his name...) but I'll go so far as to say that trying to figure out what the hell is up with Marmaduke is the #2 reason to watch the show, behind its association with Kids in the Hall, online buying Acyclovir. Order Acyclovir from United States pharmacy, Laird Holcomb (Jerry O'Connell - aka "the fat kid from Stand By Me") is Gracen's best friend and neighbor. He's recently divorced and was able to keep the house in the divorce, cheap Acyclovir, Is Acyclovir addictive, sans any furniture but his "ab-sizer." Laird is a dentist and the perpetual lady's man which sometimes scares but sometimes intrigues the other married members of the carpool. Acyclovir For Sale, Dougie (Tim Peper) is the "new guy" in the carpool. He lives in an extremely sheltered world with his perfect marriage to his perfect wife in his perfect house with his perfect baby, Acyclovir without a prescription. Acyclovir coupon, The writers have done a good job not making Dougie and his wife Cindy TOO scary or naive, eschewing topics such as extreme fundamentalist Christianity and instead giving them quirky desires to fit in and the wife being oddly proficient at gift wrapping, Acyclovir wiki. Acyclovir treatment, Aubrey (Jerry Minor) is a neurotic office worker who is stuck in some sort of personal hell raising seven rambunctious children while his wife (shown only as a pair of lounging feet - even when they go to a neighborhood party) sits idly by. Aubrey is most excited about the carpool, buy generic Acyclovir, Acyclovir dangers, as it is his only time away from his family and thus does the most driving.

The carpool situation is mildly amusing and allows for some short but interesting scenes, Acyclovir For Sale. The show opens with the to-work drive, Acyclovir alternatives, Buy Acyclovir no prescription, in which the guys unabashedly sing along to 80's songs (one time calling OnStar to get the correct lyrics to "Come On Eileen') or fight against the evil "cool carpool" for a parking spot. KITH fans take note - Scott Thompson is the leader of the "cool carpool" and is looking fantastic these days, buy Acyclovir from mexico. Acyclovir pictures, So far, 7 episodes into the show, Acyclovir price, Acyclovir description, the main plots have been ho-hum but it's been fun watching Marmaduke's sub-plots, and playing "spot the Kid." Kevin McDonald shows up in episode 7 as Leila Brooker's real estate rival - here's hoping we see more of him and perhaps Dave Foley too, canada, mexico, india. Acyclovir used for, According to TV Guide, there's six episodes left so you can still catch this show on ABC, Acyclovir pharmacy. Acyclovir For Sale, Also, AOL's goofy TV thing has a couple of episodes up. Acyclovir long term, I say it's a good one to download once you're dying for fresh content like I am. I'm hoping it will get better as it goes along much like 30 Rock did (don't worry, Acyclovir online cod, I'll be recommending that one soon) and won't be canceled early like Andy Barker P.I. was.

Stand tall, TV fans. There's always reruns.

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What You Should Be Watching: Post-Holiday Gifts to Yourself

By the time Christmas is over, you're going to have some gift cards to spend and some returns to make. Forget buying books or CDs with your Borders gift card (dude, CDs are so 2005) - instead, stock up on some television show boxed sets. Instead of shoveling the driveway or doing whatever people do in the winter in places where it doesn't snow, stay inside and rot your brain AGAIN with these hours upon hours of television goodness. All commercial-free! The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesThis is hands-down the best Holmes series out there. Jeremy Brett (as Holmes) basically turned himself into a raving lunatic to bring us the most true-to-story Sherlock possible, and the writers of this first series worked hard to keep true to Doyle's works as well. Fans of House and CSI will appreciate the original "so clever it hurts" character after which Greg House and Gil Grissom are often cited as being modeled after. Brett is a sexy bastard as well. There's other Granada Television (of Great Britian) Holmes series starring Brett, such as The Return of Sherlock Holmes and The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, which are also good but Adventures is the place to start. The original 13 episodes, included in this set, had the best scripts and Brett was still at the top of his game. As the later series came about, the quality of Holmes stories left from which to choose became a stumbling block for the writers. Brett also started losing his mind a bit and his health got worse. By the time The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes was shot (the final series), Brett was literally having to be propped up in order to appear in the shows. But this first series is can't-miss. Sets are amazingly accurate, Brett and David Burke/Edward Hardwicke as Watson give spot-on performances and the scripts couldn't be more accurate. Investing in this series will definitely up your geek cred by letting you discuss Holmes with your bookstorecoffeeshop buddies as if you've actually read the books. Freaks & Geeks Freaks & GeeksI'm a sucker for all things 80's and also for all things geek, so when I picked this box up I immediately joined the ranks of the fans crying "why was this show cancelled?!" The show is about the Geeks - Sam, Bill and Neal - and the Freaks - Daniel, Nick, Ken and Kim - who go to high school in Michigan in the 80's. Their paths both parallel and cross, as Sam's older sister tries hard to get in with the loser/stoner Freaks while trying to shed her actual identity as a Geek. The acting is great and the writing is even better. It stands to reason, as writer Paul Feig has gone on to work on shows such as Arrested Development, The Office and Weeds. And the show's executive producer, Judd Apatow, worked on The Larry Sanders Show, The Ben Stiller Show, and was co-creator of The 40-Year-Old Virgin. So how did this amazing show get canceled so quick? The Jocks, of course. No one wanted to watch a show about those kids no one talked to in high school. Well no one but the millions of people who identified with said kids - but they aren't the ones in charge. Put this one in the pile with Newsradio and Arrested Development as "shows that were too good for television" and trust me on this one. And, if you're buying it from Amazon, don't be afraid to bundle this purchase with the Undeclared boxed set too. Undeclared is sort of a follow-up to this show, also created by Feig and Apatow. Different characters and different time frame, and it takes place in college, but the quality is still there. The Simpsons (Seasons 1-9) The Simpsons"But I've already seen all of the episodes of The Simpsons!" I know you have, Spiff, but I think you can watch them again. Each boxed set comes with over 9 hours of episodes PLUS commentary on every episode. The first couple of seasons got off to a rocky start, but once the writers and actors hit their grooves the show became a classic. Now that the show is in season 18, people are complaining that the air is slowly leaking out of the Simpsons bag. Fair enough, but this didn't become one of the top television shows ever for no reason. For those of you who feel a little left out when your pals start quoting every line, picking up the boxed sets and watching every episode through will not only make you more culturally aware but kill a lot of time. For those of you who are doing the quoting, the commentary for each episode is worth the price of the set. And watching The Simpsons without commercials sort of takes away the pain when an episode isn't wowing you right out of the gate. Seasons 4 through 12, I think, are the best to look for (obviously, they've only released up to 9) so if you're not seriously into it you can pass up the first few seasons. This may not be a series you can watch again and again but you can be sure that if your current Netflix selection is a little dull or if you need some indoor activity for these insanely long hours of winter darkness, popping in a few episodes of The Simpsons will bring you a few dozen hours of solid comedy television. The Office (UK) The OfficeI can't believe how people love The Office (US) so much and keep telling me they're not interested in the UK version. The ORIGINAL version. Starring Ricky Fucking Gervaise for God's sake. What's your hangup? Sure, Steve Carell is awesome and that kid who plays Jim is alright but they can't replace the original. Gervaise is, to put it in words you will understand, "off the hook" - an even goofier boss. And Tim (the UK's Jim) is more sad (and played by Arthur Dent!), Gareth (Dwight) is more pathetic and the entire office has a bit more of that very creepy and depressing vibe to it. Now, I'm not knocking the US series. From what I've seen of it, it's cool. Plus it's on TV right now which is more than we can say for the UK version. But you've got to see Gervaise doing "the dance" and see Mackenzie Crook (Gareth) wearing bike shorts. You've got to see the pub quizzes and the Christmas parties and "the kiss." Everything you love about the American version is here and perfected the first time around. The UK show only lasts 2 seasons (with a Christmas special) and is quite neatly wrapped up with no loose ends. Trust me on this one - it's like the difference between American Coke in a can and Mexican Coke in a bottle (made with real sugar). The American version is great and handy but if you can get your hands on the "original" it'll be pure enjoyment. The Kids in the Hall (Complete Set) The cleverest sketch comedy show ever. Took forever to get these shows to DVD so count your blessings and pass the Tim Horton's. Newsradio (Seasons 1-4) When was the last time you thought about this show? Oh...every time I mention it on this blog. Right on. Well, what are you waiting for? Jeeves & Wooster (complete set) I said it before in this entry and I'll say it again - Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry kick ass. This is one of those shows you can watch over and over again and not get bored. Like Holmes, it's a perfect adaptation of classic British literature. It's fun to watch and it makes u look sm4rt. Arrested Development (complete set) I know it's almost a cliche to say this is the funniest show on television ever (American television - see The Office (UK)) but it really is friggin' hilarious. It goes by so fast, you have to watch it a couple times to fully appreciate it. Which is why you need the boxed set.