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I can has socialism?
Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, There is a lot of talk lately in this election about Barack Obama having "socialist views" and being "a socialist." For some - especially those who grew up during the Cold War - this evokes an image of radical Socialism as practiced in Soviet Russia and Mao's China. Or is that Communism. What is the difference anyway. Where can i buy cheapest Phentermine online, The idea of Socialism has been around for a long time - longer than German philosopher Karl Marx (who wrote The Communist Manifesto). Socialism is a set of ideals and not a type of government. Examples of types of government are Representative Democracy & Constitutional Republic (United States), Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy (United Kingdom, Canada), Direct Democracy & Parliamentary Republic (Switzerland) and Socialist Republic (Cuba) .., Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. among many others.

Having "socialism" written down as a set of ideals came out of Europe where people had been struggling with class for centuries, after Phentermine. Industrial revolutions made the worker more valuable but also the CEOs of the time much richer. Common people wanted to be recognized as a more important part of society and given more rights and better compensation for their work. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, This is where unions started to become more popular. Phentermine steet value, The workers organized themselves and revolted against the rich business owners. This happened all over the world - Germany, England, Australia and the US, online buying Phentermine. How are unions socialist. It is workers asking rich business owners to "share the wealth" - pay us more as you make more - and fighting back in droves. The simple showing of solidarity - if we all don't work then you will not be able to make money off us - is what makes a union powerful, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Where can i order Phentermine without prescription, As with any large-scale movement, things spiraled out of control in some areas where those with the most fervor from the victories of The Worker began to snowball into an "I know what's right" mentality (see: Catholicism) . In places like Russia and Germany, where the workers had been most repressed and the people had suffered the most, buy cheap Phentermine no rx, socialism turned into Socialism and Communism, with a hint of Anarchy. Phentermine description, Russia's Communism (where the government flat out controls everything and no one is rich...and in their case, everyone is poor) did spread but no Communist system in the world has ever been considered "pure communism" as pretty much everyone got it wrong. Communism, as the name suggests, Phentermine from canada, is actually supposed to be like an ideal hippie commune where everyone works together, all of the food and goods are produced within the commune, Phentermine no rx, and everyone is treated equal. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Things didn't quite pan out that way for the Communists, mainly due to human greed and ego of the people who lead the revolutions in the first place.

In other Westernized countries, socialism did just fine. Some people read Marx's work and interpreted it differently, Phentermine schedule. These socialists were from democratic countries (countries where the people vote) and their form of Socialism was called socialist democracy. They believed that socialist-type stuff could come about through EVOLUTION rather than REVOLUTION - meaning that the social services that would be provided by the government would be a reaction to the people's needs and not a top-down decision based purely on the hatred of capitalism.

Also note that in the phrase "socialist democracy" it is democracy with a small "d" and is intended to convey the word in a sense of voting (democracy) and not the "left-leaning" American political party the Democrats, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Cheap Phentermine no rx, Socialism in the form of socialist democracy has been alive and well in the Western world since World War I. Canada, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Phentermine use, France and Brazil hold social democracy ideals. The government helps out the people, Phentermine pharmacy, people are still free, capitalism is totally alive and well, no one class drowns under taxes and the people are happy. The people vote for these socialist ideals to be put in to place - they are not forced upon them, what is Phentermine. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Is there socialism in America. You bet. Medicare/Medicade, Phentermine brand name, welfare, unions, unemployment, social security and even the US Post Office are social services (the USPS, buy Phentermine from canada, while now its own thing, is still backed by the government). Phentermine pics, So are libraries, public schools, fire and police services and city snow plows.

What about this whole government bailout thing, Phentermine for sale. Is that socialism, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Well first remember that it was a democratic bailout - you voted for your representatives and they in turn voted for the terms of the bailout. It was NOT the head of the government making a sweeping decision on what to do (which is what the Communist side of Socialism would have done). Phentermine without prescription, It remains to be seen whether this bailout will benefit the people (as socialists are wont to do) or not. The hope is that it WILL benefit us and, thus, it was a socialist democracy sort of decision, purchase Phentermine online. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, So, are we Socialist or not. Well, remember that Socialism is not a type of government - we still are and will always be a representative democracy with a very strong Constitution. Phentermine coupon, There will always be a system of "checks and balances" where no one individual can gain complete control (although honestly, some of those checks and balances were cast aside during Bush's presidency). Social democrats of today are focusing more on the environment, feminism, doses Phentermine work, fair trade, human rights and secularism. Where can i cheapest Phentermine online, These ideals do fall more in line with the Democrat (big D) way of thinking. The "left-wing" if you will, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription.

In order for social democracy to take a stronger hold on America, it will mean an increase in taxes. But, effects of Phentermine, the wealth of the American people is extremely lopsided already. The vast majority of the people pay lots of tax and get little in return. Herbal Phentermine, This is the middle class and the "working poor." They do not qualify for social services which are reserved for the completely destitute and they do not have the extra money to "get ahead." So, in America, a socialist democrat has the "luxury" of slightly changing the tax laws in a way that SLIGHTLY raises the taxes on a very small but very wealthy segment of the population. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, This shift would not only ease the tax burden on the middle class and working poor but also afford the government the ability to extend social services such as universal health care to ALL Americans thus FURTHER easing the burden on the middle class.

This is, Phentermine trusted pharmacy reviews, indeed, "spreading the wealth." But it's not as scary as it sounds. Purchase Phentermine online no prescription, It means that if I make $250,000 and my tax goes up 1%, that is an extra $2500 for the government. If you make $80, Phentermine blogs,000 and your tax goes DOWN 1%, that is $800 less for the government. Phentermine alternatives, At this point, the government is $1700 ahead, you have $800 more to spend in the economy and I have $2500 less to let sit in my bank and collect interest. But that's ok for me because I still have $247,500 in the bank and will make that 1% back in interest in less than 30 days, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. The government can take that extra $1700 now and give you universal health care, Phentermine class, which is going to save you a lot of money over the years. You'll probably take that money and blow it on some useless goods or invest it in the stock market. Generic Phentermine, But that's good for me because as a rich person I benefit from a healthy stock market and a healthy US economy.

It's all pennies and nickles and dimes. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, Is it "taking from the rich and giving to the poor". In a sense, yes, Phentermine recreational. But "rich people" in America have proven they can't be trusted to manage their money - and our money - in a way that is beneficial to America. They take the money and build factories in China. Phentermine australia, uk, us, usa, They take the money and buy shoddy loans. They take the money - which used to be your money - and spend it on hookers and blow, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. They use their power and money to screw each other, they screw shareholders, they screw the government (tax evasion, Phentermine from canadian pharmacy, inflated government contracts, etc) and they screw the American economy. Discount Phentermine, All that socialist democrats want is to take a tiny bit of that wasted money and pump it back into the American economy. This will come in the form of raising taxes for the "filthy rich" and closing tax loopholes that have helped unscrupulous business executives get further ahead than planned. Instead of running the government by lending an ear (and an arm and a leg) to the rich, the socialist democrat wants to run the government in a way the benefits ALL Americans - even the rich. Buy Phentermine Without Prescription, So, don't be afraid of "socialism." Western social democracy is not the same as Communism. Think of social democracy as Protestantism: Christianity became Catholicism which turned Christianity on its ear, and the Protestants decided to break off and do their own thing. Socialism became Communism which turned Socialism on its ear, and the socialist democrats decided to break off and do THEIR own thing. Just as you can't call every Christian a Catholic, you can't call every Socialist a Communist.

Is Barack Obama a Socialist. Well he's not a Marxist or a Communist, Buy Phentermine Without Prescription. Technically he's a Democrat. Does he have Socialist views. Probably. And good for him. Because this "Free Market Capitalist" crap isn't really working out for us.

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Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Good news, everyone. Mazindol pharmacy, One of England's best sitcoms ever created - Simon Pegg's Spaced - has finally come 'round to Region 1 DVD here in America.

[caption id="attachment_924" align="alignright" width="150" caption="the cast of Spaced"]the cast of Spaced[/caption]

Before Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were fighting zombies in Shaun of the Dead, online buy Mazindol without a prescription, Mazindol overnight, they were slacking around North London as Tim and Mike in SpacedSpaced is a somewhat dark yet giggly show that wasn't really about much of anything other than that stale bit of your life that falls between leaving the fun of your 20s behind and laying out how your 30s might pan out. Besides Pegg, order Mazindol no prescription, Where can i order Mazindol without prescription, the show stars and was co-written by Jessica Hynes (nee Stephenson) who didn't have quite a large role Shaun but is a central character in Spaced.

The plot is simple - Tim (Pegg) and Daisy (Hynes) are strangers when they meet in a cafe at the beginning of the show, fast shipping Mazindol, Mazindol schedule, but find that flat hunting is more lucrative as a pair. They find the perfect flat but are told the renter is looking for couples only, so they pose as a couple in order to be accepted, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription. Also living in the house are cougar landlord Marsha (Julia Deakin) and conceptual artist Brian (Mark Heap), Mazindol images. Mazindol price, coupon, Frost plays Tim's Army-obsessed best mate Mike and Daisy's best friend Twist is played by Katy Carmichael.

Tim is a graphic artist/comic book writer and Daisy is an extremely unproductive writer, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Canada, mexico, india, The two bounce around between jobs and being on the dole, inbetween marathon video game sessions and Robot Wars, Mazindol dosage. Buy Mazindol Without Prescription, Daisy is trying desperately to be fun and hip while Tim is trying to hold on to that last bit of childhood fun. Order Mazindol online c.o.d, What's most fun about the show is the endless homages to various sci-fi movies and shows, 70s and 80s pop culture, is Mazindol addictive, Mazindol dangers, horror films, cartoons and video games, cheap Mazindol no rx. Kjøpe Mazindol på nett, köpa Mazindol online, One of the extra features of the DVD set is a "Homage-o-meter" so you can follow along.

Besides the wink-wink-nudge-nudge of the homages, online buying Mazindol, What is Mazindol, the writing, acting and filming of this show are all top notch, no prescription Mazindol online. Mazindol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Each character is a bit of a caricature in contrast to the more boring Tim and Daisy yet they are mostly harmless and genuinely care about each other as part of a new surrogate family. Any resemblance to Friends pretty much ends there - none of the characters are successful, all of the characters are odd and/or awkward and they all live in an apartment they can seemingly afford, Buy Mazindol Without Prescription.

The new Region 1 release has the complete show (all 14 episodes...goddamn that British short series!) plus the extras from the original discs in the form of outtakes, Mazindol recreational, Mazindol interactions, commentary, deleted scenes and a short documentary, Mazindol canada, mexico, india. Order Mazindol online overnight delivery no prescription, New for this release is special commentary by American celebs Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, purchase Mazindol for sale, Mazindol reviews, Bill Hader (from SNL, not Napoleon Dynamite), buy Mazindol from mexico, Buying Mazindol online over the counter, Matt Stone, Patton Oswalt, Mazindol used for, Mazindol from canadian pharmacy, and Diablo Cody.

It's taken 7 years for this gem to come out in Region 1, my Mazindol experience. Mazindol mg, Even though I've watched it a few times from a few different skeevy sources, I was still moved to buy the DVD set, buy Mazindol from canada. Australia, uk, us, usa, It's an absolutely perfect little show that show be part of any Gen Xer's "I'm so fucking cool" DVD collection. I know the truly cool amongst you had it on Region 2 already but now you can stop pointing out how your pals didn't hack their DVD players and get your Spaced on without prejudice. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Tuesdays @ 9:30 on ABC

In a nutshell: Office Space Acyclovir For Sale, in a car

It's a sad time in TV Land right now, where the WGA Writer's Strike has sucked the life out of any good show that was on a roll and left use TV lovers scraping the bottom of the barrel for something - anything. - to fill these dark winter nights between football and Lost (yes, Acyclovir results, My Acyclovir experience, all of you football fans I am aware of this "playoff" thing, but as a Clevelander, Acyclovir reviews, Is Acyclovir safe, football is dead to me until after the next World Series.) So, down to the bottom of the barrel we go, Acyclovir recreational. Ordering Acyclovir online, I saw a commercial for this show and thought "OK, this premise won't last long" but the promo failed to mention that the show was created by Bruce McCulloch of The Kids in the Hall, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Acyclovir class, plus co-produced with Joe and Anthony Russo of Arrested Development, so when I found that up I sat straight up and decided to give it a whirl (and by "whirl" I mean "download.")

The plot is as you would expect - four guys from the same California neighborhood sharing a carpool to their boring office park, get Acyclovir. Fast shipping Acyclovir, About 1/3 of the show revolves around the actual car driving and the rest is about their quirky families.

Gracen Brooker (Fred Goss) is a mediator (kind of like a lawyer/shrink) whose wife is an aspiring real estate agent (played by Faith Ford) and son is a classic doofus character named Marmaduke, purchase Acyclovir for sale. The character of Gracen is ho-hum, but Ford does an excellent job not swinging her character too far in to "goofy housewife-turned-careerwoman" land and this Marmaduke kid is something to be seen, Acyclovir For Sale. Acyclovir no rx, A larger, more disturbing Napoleon Dynamite if you will, Acyclovir overnight. Taking Acyclovir, Words sort of fail me when I go to describe the character that is Marmaduke (it's unclear so far how he got his name...) but I'll go so far as to say that trying to figure out what the hell is up with Marmaduke is the #2 reason to watch the show, behind its association with Kids in the Hall, online buying Acyclovir. Order Acyclovir from United States pharmacy, Laird Holcomb (Jerry O'Connell - aka "the fat kid from Stand By Me") is Gracen's best friend and neighbor. He's recently divorced and was able to keep the house in the divorce, cheap Acyclovir, Is Acyclovir addictive, sans any furniture but his "ab-sizer." Laird is a dentist and the perpetual lady's man which sometimes scares but sometimes intrigues the other married members of the carpool. Acyclovir For Sale, Dougie (Tim Peper) is the "new guy" in the carpool. He lives in an extremely sheltered world with his perfect marriage to his perfect wife in his perfect house with his perfect baby, Acyclovir without a prescription. Acyclovir coupon, The writers have done a good job not making Dougie and his wife Cindy TOO scary or naive, eschewing topics such as extreme fundamentalist Christianity and instead giving them quirky desires to fit in and the wife being oddly proficient at gift wrapping, Acyclovir wiki. Acyclovir treatment, Aubrey (Jerry Minor) is a neurotic office worker who is stuck in some sort of personal hell raising seven rambunctious children while his wife (shown only as a pair of lounging feet - even when they go to a neighborhood party) sits idly by. Aubrey is most excited about the carpool, buy generic Acyclovir, Acyclovir dangers, as it is his only time away from his family and thus does the most driving.

The carpool situation is mildly amusing and allows for some short but interesting scenes, Acyclovir For Sale. The show opens with the to-work drive, Acyclovir alternatives, Buy Acyclovir no prescription, in which the guys unabashedly sing along to 80's songs (one time calling OnStar to get the correct lyrics to "Come On Eileen') or fight against the evil "cool carpool" for a parking spot. KITH fans take note - Scott Thompson is the leader of the "cool carpool" and is looking fantastic these days, buy Acyclovir from mexico. Acyclovir pictures, So far, 7 episodes into the show, Acyclovir price, Acyclovir description, the main plots have been ho-hum but it's been fun watching Marmaduke's sub-plots, and playing "spot the Kid." Kevin McDonald shows up in episode 7 as Leila Brooker's real estate rival - here's hoping we see more of him and perhaps Dave Foley too, canada, mexico, india. Acyclovir used for, According to TV Guide, there's six episodes left so you can still catch this show on ABC, Acyclovir pharmacy. Acyclovir For Sale, Also, AOL's goofy TV thing has a couple of episodes up. Acyclovir long term, I say it's a good one to download once you're dying for fresh content like I am. I'm hoping it will get better as it goes along much like 30 Rock did (don't worry, Acyclovir online cod, I'll be recommending that one soon) and won't be canceled early like Andy Barker P.I. was.

Stand tall, TV fans. There's always reruns.

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Nitrazepam For Sale

Corner GasCorner Gas
On WGN Superstation in the United States:

  • Monday - Thursday 12a ET

  • 2 episodes - Wednesdays 8p ET

  • Friday 2:30a ET

  • 2 episodes - Sundays 11:30p ET

  • In a Nutshell: Nitrazepam For Sale, (Clerks+Seinfeld/It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) + Northern Exposure

    I'm absolutely tickled by what Canada has been serving up on the box lately. Sure, Nitrazepam street price, Nitrazepam photos, they gave us SCTV, The Kids In The Hall and The Red Green Show, buy cheap Nitrazepam no rx, Nitrazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, but it's been an awfully long time inbetween those and their latest offerings: Trailer Park Boys (2001-2006), Corner Gas (2001-present) and Little Mosque on the Prairie (2006-present), where can i buy Nitrazepam online. Nitrazepam brand name, While TBP didn't get much of a showing in the US, and Little Mosque on the Prairie might not ever have a chance here (it totally should), is Nitrazepam safe, Order Nitrazepam online overnight delivery no prescription, America is finally getting a full taste of Saskatchewan's answer to Seinfeld - Corner Gas. WGN, Nitrazepam treatment, Nitrazepam alternatives, which has been a part of most basic cable packages for years, picked up Canada's favorite show (now in its 5th season in Canada) and put it in heavy rotation, online buy Nitrazepam without a prescription. Nitrazepam from canada, You really don't want to miss this one, folks, buying Nitrazepam online over the counter.

    The premise is very simple - it's about a small town in Saskatchewan called Dog River (population ~500), Nitrazepam For Sale. Where to buy Nitrazepam, The town center is a gas station run by Brent LeRoy (Brent Butt) that he has taken over from his retired father, Oscar (Eric Peterson), Nitrazepam maximum dosage. Order Nitrazepam no prescription, The station is connected (think "truck stop") to a small diner called Ruby's, which is now run by a displaced Torontonian named Lacey (Gabrielle Miller), cheap Nitrazepam no rx. Nitrazepam no rx, Brent's unemployed but forever-scheming friend Hank (Fred Ewanuick) hangs out at the gas station, as does the rest of the town, Nitrazepam reviews. Nitrazepam dosage, Brent's sole employee Wanda, his mom Emma and the two town cops round out the cast, discount Nitrazepam. Nitrazepam For Sale, Plot lines revolve around little schemes and happenings in the town. Nitrazepam recreational, As I said - extremely simple. However, after Nitrazepam, Taking Nitrazepam, the writing, acting and even the editing makes this show extremely compelling and even - dare I say it - laugh-out-loud funny, Nitrazepam wiki. No prescription Nitrazepam online, I know this makes me sound like TV Guide but honestly people, I try not to steer you wrong here (please ignore my previous attempts at liking Studio 60, what is Nitrazepam. Nitrazepam over the counter, We all make mistakes.) I was ready to not believe the hype, but the first scene of the first show caught me off guard and made me let out a huge guffaw, Nitrazepam mg. Yes, I guffawed out loud, Nitrazepam For Sale. Nitrazepam price, It's that good.

    You'll note in the In A Nutshell description, buy no prescription Nitrazepam online, Buy Nitrazepam without a prescription, I liken the show to Clerks (about goofy characters who hang out all day at the convenience store), Seinfeld (a show about nothing, real brand Nitrazepam online, Order Nitrazepam online c.o.d, with terrific acting), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (today's Seinfeld) and Northern Exposure (fish out of water in a sleepy northern town), Nitrazepam images.

    Corner Gas is more like Northern Exposure and less like Seinfeld in that it has sympathetic characters. On the flip side, it's a little more edgy than Northern Exposure and zero drama. Fast camera breaks to illustrate stories and the geekiness of some of the characters' conversations bring it back into Clerks and ...Philadelphia Nitrazepam For Sale, territory. And, the amazingly deadpan dry humor of writer/star Brent Butt rounds out the perfectness to make it a show entirely worth watching. I guarantee you'll like the freshness of it and at the same time find it to be a style you feel comfortable with. Extremely dry sarcasm and unapologetic Canadian-ness makes it hard to look away. And don't worry if you miss a few episodes - they're completely self-contained.

    This show has made all of Canada go ga-ga for Gas for the past 4 years, receiving numerous awards, breaking new ground (first show to have Canadian Prime Minister guest star, first show to release a previous season on DVD before a new season is out, etc) and I'm guessing it's second only to Hockey Night In Canada. This could very well be Canada's The Office or The IT Crowd, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon early before America turns it to shit.

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    Movie Review: SiCKO

    SiCKOAs a lefty liberal, I like Michael Moore. As a journalist (I have more creds than just a blog, I swear), not so much. Lucky for me he's making movies for the masses and not writing for The Washington Post. Otherwise, he'd have been shut down years ago. Instead, we can enjoy his films for what they are - films that while maybe not full of "truthiness" will make people talk and think. As Moore state in the film, SiCKO is not actually about people who don't have health care in America. It's more about people who DO have health insurance and get screwed by it. People who pay the premiums and deductibles and still get denied care. In America, we like to get what we pay for, but when it comes to insurance it doesn't seem to work that way. He tells the stories of an older couple who have gone bankrupt paying for medical treatment for heart attacks and cancer, even though they have good jobs with good insurance. The middle-aged woman who's brain tumor was considered not a medical emergency and died. The young woman who's surgery was paid for by her insurance and then payment was revoked when it was revealed that she had not disclosed a previous yeast infection when applying for insurance. Moore reports in the movie that he received over 2500 emails from people with stories about the horrors of health insurance - many of them from people who work in the insurance industry. The most stand-out story was that of Linda Peno, a former medical reviewer (the person in charge of deciding who gets what care) for the Humana HMO. Ms. Peno stated in a congressional review:
    I wish to begin by making a public confession. In the spring of 1987, I caused the death of a man. Although this was known to many people, I have not been taken before any court of law or called to account for this in any professional or public forum. In fact, just the opposite occurred. I was rewarded for this. It brought me an improved reputation in my job and contributed to my advancement afterwards. Not only did I demonstrate that I could do what was asked, expected of me, I exemplified the good company employee. I saved a half a million dollars.
    It may be no secret that insurance companies are for-profit businesses and saving money is their game. After all, we're a capitalist society. But is this the right way to go? Moore points out our socialized fire and police protection. Our free schools. Free libraries. Why not free, government-controlled health care? Most are quick to point out Canada's socialized medicine and how it's just...bad. Long wait times to see doctors and get procedures done. Sub-par professionals and facilities. In the movie, Moore visits some Canadians and speaks with them about their speed and quality of care. The Canadians he spoke with were happy with both. He also spoke with British and French people about their socialized medicine and American ex-pats in England and France about their care. All of those countries got glowing reviews. Of course, this is the sort of thing one sees in a Moore movie that one might need to take with a grain of salt. Is the Canadian health system really as good as Moore would have us believe? When every review is glowing one has got to assume there were several opinions left on the cutting-room floor. Two examples of rebuttals for this film come from The Associated Press and Kurt Loder of MTV News. The AP article is sort of rubbish - while it points out that Moore inflates numbers a bit in the film (reporting 50 million uninsured in the U.S. as opposed to 44.8 million, for example) when you're dealing in millions of lives the rebuttal is sort of moot. Whether it's 50 million or 44.8 million uninsured, or $800 million given to health insurance companies from a Medicare bill or $729's all still too much. Moore also points out that American is 37th in the world in terms of health care. The AP points out that Canada is 30th. Loder is quick to point out flaws in the Canadian and French systems. It doesn't matter what rank Canada has or how French is bungling their medicine. When it comes to actual health care resources, America is top-notch. Doctors come here to train and dignitaries come here for procedures. Unlike Ottowa's "one chemo machine," the American health care infrastructure is in place. Moreover, since we're the last modern western country to delve in to socialized medicine we're able to assess all other failed and successful systems and create one to meet our needs. But can we? Will we? Can we afford it? For my small company, it costs roughly $800/mo to insure one family of three and about $200/mo to insure a single person. This is before any out-of-pocket costs, of course (one employee reports having to pay about $5000 out-of-pocket in 2006 when his family of 2 became a family of 3). The auto industry is crumbling largely in part to the increasing cost of health care for current and retired employees. People are paying for health care in one form or another, so why not alleviate those personal and industry costs and put the money towards a more greater and fair use? One of the interviewees (from England) in Moore's movie makes a seriously strong point - if the government can find money to kill people, why can't it find money to help people? If it costs my company an extra $300 per month in taxes instead of $200 a month in premiums to keep me insured under a government plan and I am guaranteed never to be denied any health care, how could I argue with that? We've all got tales of being screwed by health insurance. I was lucky enough to be brought up under one of America's best health insurance plans as the child of a union auto worker. I never had to fight for any sort of care. But, when I was 18 (still under my dad's insurance as I was in college), I was diagnosed with Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD). Before I got treatment, I was to the point where I had to drink my dinner through a straw because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough or have the power to chew. TMJD treatment, which can be long and expensive whether you have it surgically corrected or corrected through orthodontics, is not covered under most health insurance including mine. Lucky for me, my college fund was supplemented with scholarships and my folks were financially well-off to just bite the bullet and pay for treatment. I was extremely lucky to have been diagnosed at the right time in my life. Had it happened today, no matter what my health insurance status, I'd have been in serious, serious debt. As everyone grows and goes through the working world, we are all in fear of losing health care or losing health. This is our future and it seems hopeless. SiCKO points out that in other countries, government fears the people while in America the people fear the government. In America we're strapped by debt and fear of not being able to get or stay healthy. We're apathetic and scared and we don't vote. We don't discuss. We don't rebel. SiCKO will hopefully turn American thought and discussion back from a losing war in the Middle East to the very real and very domestic problem of American health care reform. Moore's ideas and presentations might not serve as a good template for what can or should be done but SiCKO is definitely a movie worth seeing and hopefully starts the ball rolling on discussions about what can be done.