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Nintendo Wii Could it Kill Your Child?

Nintendo has announced that they are offering a recall of 3.2 Million wrist straps for the Nintendo Wii controller. Apparently people are getting so worked up playing the Nintendo Wii that the controller straps aren't durable enough to resist the force and the controller ends up being hurled at the TV.

Quite frankly people just need to calm down. You don't see people hurling bowling balls, tennis rackets or baseball bats in real life. When people play sports they can "control" themselves enough to to not start hurling sports equipment without prejudice. When you're playing Wii Sports just pretend that your actually playing real sports and be a little more cautious when swinging the controller.

But for all those ADHD kids who just can't settle down, Nintendo will replace the current strap with a thicker one. Honestly I don't think this will stop the problem. These maniacs will just keep swinging the controller as hard as they can until they break the new strap.

The solution to this is to replace the strap with a handcuff. This way if they throw the controller the rest of their body will go with it and hopefully they'll learn a lesson. Attached is a clip of what I'm talking about. Also what is that one kid drinking, a bottle of wine? Kids these days...