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And here they talk about how easy it is to get sex when you are a famous star.


and two music videos for you:

Lunch Money Dance-a-thon


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The band is Fujiya and Miyagi, where can i buy Viagra online, Viagra recreational, the song is called Ankle Injuries.

Oh, after Viagra, Effects of Viagra, and here is the Ok Go. video with the treadmills, purchase Viagra for sale, Viagra blogs, I just can't tease you like that.

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Daft Punk, Just Daft

First off, Happy 4th of July to Americans. And everyone else, have a great day. Anyway, here are some fun Daft Punk Videos. [youtube]K2cYWfq--Nw[/youtube] You have to watch this whole video. How cool is this? I wonder how long this person had to practice to get this right. [youtube]17DH39vQFKQ[/youtube] This one just goes to show that any retard on the internet can use a webcam to record himself in his natural habitat. I really like the fist he throws when his work is never over. [youtube]wQVEPFzkhaM[/youtube] A cappella, that is all I have to say. [youtube]WufLXFlI_dM[/youtube] Now, I know this isn't the real video but someone put a lot of time into this video. Who doesn't love little refrigerator robots and crazy monkeys? [youtube]ZvXqsLQPaKA[/youtube] And just one real Daft Punk Video to sate your appetites. Although it's not the harder better faster stronger video I thougth you would enjoy some variety.

Political Musicals Starring George “Dubbaya” Bush and Tony Blair

Ever wonder who has no life whatsoever and what those people do with the free time that they have? Look no further: the folks at have spent hours pouring over political speeches to find particular words and poses to make fun music videos and songs. For example, check out Dubbaya singing a popular ditty by a little band known as U2: [youtube]PXnO_FxmHes&eurl=[/youtube] And, if you would, please feel free to click on this next tasty treat and listen to Tony Blair do spoken word to a famous chantey by The Clash, Should I stay or Should I go: [youtube]a1vwKZiDsY4&eurl=[/youtube] And you thought you were bored.