Daft Punk, Just Daft

First off, Happy 4th of July to Americans. And everyone else, have a great day. Anyway, here are some fun Daft Punk Videos. [youtube]K2cYWfq--Nw[/youtube] You have to watch this whole video. How cool is this? I wonder how long this person had to practice to get this right. [youtube]17DH39vQFKQ[/youtube] This one just goes to show that any retard on the internet can use a webcam to record himself in his natural habitat. I really like the fist he throws when his work is never over. [youtube]wQVEPFzkhaM[/youtube] A cappella, that is all I have to say. [youtube]WufLXFlI_dM[/youtube] Now, I know this isn't the real video but someone put a lot of time into this video. Who doesn't love little refrigerator robots and crazy monkeys? [youtube]ZvXqsLQPaKA[/youtube] And just one real Daft Punk Video to sate your appetites. Although it's not the harder better faster stronger video I thougth you would enjoy some variety.

  1. You forgot this one – the Interweb’s favorite dancing girl!

    July 5th, 2007 at 10:57 am

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