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Baby Got Book!

Recently Yahoo featured Preacher Dan Smith as its person of the week. Dan Smith is most famously known for his internet video parody of Baby Got back, Baby got Book. [youtube]tTYr3JuueF4[/youtube] Preacher Dan thinks Christians take themselves too seriously and that is one of the main reasons why young people do not want to go to church today. In order to rectify this Preacher Dan has founded the Momentum Church. Momentum Church tries to create a fun atmosphere for people to interact with and break the boring church stereotypes.  The Church services actually take place at the Cinemark Theater in Valleyview on Sunday mornings. The service features free coffee and doughnuts along with comedy skits, stories and a live band. Preacher Dan's sermons seek to identify more with young culture with such topics as "Superhero Parables". The church welcomes all people, both religious and non-religious and features a very laid back atmosphere and a relaxed dress code. The church also makes use of technology by playing Preacher Dan's various parodies on screens and making weekly sermons available for download for people who sleep in on Sunday. There have been several other articles on religion on this site which you might also want to check out. Young people are very interested in religion and spirituality today so add you comments on what you think of this trend.