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Kirk and JarJar

This one ought to get all you nerdwads' Spider-Man undies in a bunch. Apparently, CBS Paramount plans to rejig the original Star Trek with new CGI graphics and a new main title sequence - a la George Lucas's re-release of Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI. The revamped episodes will appear on HDTV this fall. A lot of good chatter on the subject, as usual, over at Slashdot. I tend to agree with whichever of those pasty-skinned monitor monkeys argued that the whole shame of this is that we're losing an artifact of cultural history. It's as if every Model T were modified into a street rod today, rather than keeping a few original or restored. Sure, we might view them as obsolete today, but to rewrite or cover up history in such a way does a disservice to us all. But I'm also (unsurprisingly) disappointed that fresh, intelligent, imaginative, original programming so seriously lacks from mainstream media that, rather than attempt something new, they simply rehash their successes of old. It's why we have "reality" TV, celebrity gossip columns and sequels sequels sequels. Perhaps it's just time to turn off the TV.