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The new book "The Future of the Internet - And How to Stop It" by Jonathan Zittrain Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, is about the history and development of the internet and looking towards the future were the internet is more controlled and regulated. The internet started just as its name implies as a network between users and their computers in which information was transmitted, fast shipping Camazepam, Camazepam description, using Zittrains analogy, like a person being passed around through a moss pit, herbal Camazepam. Camazepam blogs, In the past this was not much of a problem, but now that the internet had exploded in popularity safety concerns have arisen because of people that prey upon this free flow of information and try and use it for their own illegal purposes, is Camazepam addictive. Camazepam australia, uk, us, usa, Things like viruses, trojans and worms are commonplace now and it is worried that this fragile network might be in danger because of that, Camazepam from mexico. Camazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, Zittrain talks about how most of the newer internet products, usch as iPhones, generic Camazepam, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, XBoxes, and TiVos are different in that users cannot easily modify them and create new applications to run on them, cheap Camazepam. The vendors and their partners are the only ones to do so limiting the users creativity and freedom to use the product, Buy Camazepam Without Prescription. Where can i order Camazepam without prescription, The trade-off for this loss of freedom is additional safety from unwanted programs and viruses.

Zittrain sites user generates technologies like Wikipedia as models for success and  encourages the development of technologies for users to work collectively and creatively together, Camazepam schedule. Camazepam natural, The problem with his argument is while yes it is bad that corporations want to limit freedom and creativity with their products the reasons the do so is because it is the way they protect their proprietary property intellectual and otherwise. Applications like Kazaa that allow users to share files and content are fine but when they provide copyrighted material free of charge it is difficult to show how that is a positive to the business that owns the copyright, buy Camazepam online cod. Buy Camazepam Without Prescription, Wikipedia while a success is not exactly racking in the dough. Camazepam price, coupon, The are supported by donations that barely keep them afloat. Unfortunately businesses come down to money and if you can't make something profitable then it will not work, Camazepam dangers. Camazepam used for, The idea that the internet is free and everyone can share it is fine but someone has to pay for it eventually. The corporations are introducing their own products that make it so people cannot download and use content that they do not approve of.  Considering the purpose of a corporation is to make money it only makes sense they do so.  Since it is so hard to make money with most content being offered for free it was only a matter of time before corporations pushed back, Camazepam overnight. Camazepam for sale, While it would be nice to live in a world where everything is free and people can get whatever they want it is just not economically feasible now. So the internet is changing but its not the catastrophic event that many would think., buy Camazepam no prescription. Camazepam use. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Kjøpe Camazepam på nett, köpa Camazepam online. Where can i buy Camazepam online. Camazepam over the counter. Camazepam pics. Where to buy Camazepam. Camazepam pharmacy. Is Camazepam safe. Camazepam mg. Camazepam images. Buy generic Camazepam. Doses Camazepam work. Buy Camazepam online no prescription.

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Hybrid Concept Cars, The Future Is Now Part 2

So yesterday our cars of the future article was on "Didn't they do this already". I think today's category is "Wouldn't be Caught Dead in This". You can try to persuade me that people buy cars based on power and performance all you want but I am pretty sure that the look and style of the car is pretty important, too. Just like no one will ever want to be seen in the environmentally friendly Hummer, I can imagine the same will be said of most of these vehicles. In third place we have the Ford Mercury Meta One. hybridcars_130_mercury.jpg You may argue that this car isn't necessarily the ugliest car you have ever seen, in fact it's okay. Work with me here for a minute, if you please. Think back to that movie about the cars that try to kill people. You know the one, the really bad Stephen King movie, Maximum Overdrive? This car will eat you. And your children. And then your neighbors and their families until it runs out of gas, which will take a little longer than a normal SUV since this runs on nice and clean " hybrid transmission with a twin-turbocharged V-6 diesel engine calibrated to run on a bio-diesel blend". You can see how I feel this is potentially hazardous to everyone, right? Just look into those headlight "eyes". Those are the headlights of a killer. Second Place in the ugly stick contest goes to the Volvo 3CC: hybridcars_130_volvo.jpg This vehicle is kind of ugly. I mean, it's nice and aerodynamic and boasts that it can run on any type of power system (gas, ethanol, hybrid or electric). But, it looks kind of...lame. Like the vision of the future that they had in the seventies where the high fashion of the times happens to be tunics and tennis skirts. And it only sits three people and quite uncomfortably, if you really look at it. And it also takes 10,000 lithium-ion batteries (like the ones in your lap top) to power. Only 10,000? That's nothing. First place goes hands down to the Nissan Pivo for obvious reasons: hybridcars_130_nissan.jpg It's electric and it swivels. Enough said. Eventually I will get around to posting the best of these concept cars. Thanks for reading!

Hybrid Concept Cars, The Future Is Now

So a recent article on's main page is all about green concept cars. It has some of the main players and a lot of pretty pictures. Here are the cars listed with a brief description as to alleviate you having to go to another site to read all about them. I am saving you time, thus saving you money as well so you can save it up to buy one of these awesome cars when the time is right. I am going to break these down into three categories: Drivable/hey that's cool, Wouldn't be caught dead in this, and Didn't we already do this? Um, Alex, I would like to start with Didn't We Already Do This for 200 please. hybridcars_130_vw.jpg Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you the 2010 VW Microbus, um I mean Chameleon. So, yeah, apparently the late 60's are back and we are all going to be peace loving pot smoking patchouli smelling hippies. At least we have the perfect vehicle for it, I mean this "new" vehicle is all electricity powered with 10 count them 10 30v batteries in the floor to power the vehicle. Oh, the surf boards are thrown in free of charge, they are fitted with solar panels for recharging the batteries. This is the vehicle for those fifty somethings to relive their youth in a perfectly environmentally friendly manner. Second place in the "Didn't we already do this" catagory is BMW X3: hybridcars_130_bmw.jpg

2009 BMW X3


2007 BMW x5

BMW X5, 2007 You know, they say that if you never change in business, you are insane. Well, BMW didn't listen. This car looks neither futuristic nor retro, meaning it just looks kind of now. It's not even trying very hard to be environmentally friendly. Instead of using a battery it incorporates a superconductor, which provides energy in short bursts. It gets an "A" for effort but nothing else. This concept car is only getting about 20% better millage than most of the cars that BMW currently produces (none of which are hybrids). This is a poor contending mom-mobile in the concept car to the future race. Third Place in this category is the GM Sequel. hybridcars_130_gm.jpg What is cool about this vehicle is that it runs on a hydrogen fuel cell and the fact that most of this car's engine components are located underneath the car and not under the hood.  It does make for a roomier car but the looks are just kind of standard, this car does not make me think that I am living in the 21st century at all.  I wonder what it is the sequel to?  Most movie sequels are not good, they are almost never as good as the original.  Just saying, it doesn't look good for this sequel, at least in my book. Check back later for the other two categories, it is sure to get interesting.

The Best Worst Movies about the Future

Many movies have been made about the future and most of them have sucked. Usually they involve people in shiny suits and rocket cars. Or its some lame post-apocalyptic future where everybody wears football shoulder pads and drives dune buggies. However, there have been a few movies that have been so bad that they actually managed to get some things right. These movies all come from the 70's so mind-altering drugs probably had something to do with it. 1. Zardoz: A giant floating head tells a bunch of crazed white guys that the penis is bad and vomits guns and ammo from its mouth. Sean Connery also runs around in a loin cloth the whole movie. If you think of the head as George W. Bush it kind of makes sense. Sean Connery would represent the East Coast liberals I guess. [youtube]pQR9cHkyeFM[/youtube] 2. Barbarella: Jane Fonda does lots of drugs and has sex with everybody she meets. At one point she is even raped by a giant church organ. I suppose this is kind of like Paris Hilton except I don't want to punch Barbarella in the face everytime I see her. [youtube]a4-hAIDitBU[/youtube] 3. Americathon: In the future everyone will wear sweatsuits, live in their cars and America will go bankrupt and will owe billions to the Native Americans who also own Nike. In an effort to save the country president John Ritter will put on the largest Telethon ever to save the country. The amount of drugs they had to be taking to make this film is truly staggering. However the Seminole tribe just bought the Hard Rock franchise so maybe they were onto something, besides just cocaine. [youtube]AUV6vCCg6ns[/youtube] So you see they really did understand the future in the 70's they were just too high to be able to tell anybody about it.

Your Own Personal Digital Future

We often complain about the future not being so futuristic. Where are the flying cars, the teleporters, the personal ray guns? These complaints are simply whininess. A mere look at your cell phone and bluetooth headset shows that the future is here. Thus I speak of time travel merely through change of perspective. The ability to get to the future can be done with righteous self-determination. Corporate self help novels teach us that visualizing our goals. People who write out what they plan on doing are more likely to achieve results. Thus, let us write down our vision for our own Personal Digital Futures! All plans should be S.M.A.R.T. That is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. To place our bets on technologies not yet created would be to violate the realistic and Timely criteria. So the flying cars, mind body interfaces, and robot sex servants are out. This leads us to our home life. There are plentiful futuristic devices you can add to bring you in to the future. What follows is My Own Personal Digital Future Concept to make my living room into a 21st century domicile. A quick note: the easiest ways to make a quick jump into the future is to buy a robot vacuum. They're relatively inexpensive, save you time, and instantly you've checked having a robot helper off the list. Yes, if you are too lazy to pick up the floor the robot will continue to sit idle, but you'll know your one step closer to Johnny Mnemonic just by looking at your Roomba charging in the corner. The future is all about convergence. My Own Personal Digital Future allows me to buy, piece buy piece, an integrated media experience, all ran through my TV, and accessed from my Sofa. All of my entertainment in one, and I don't have to buy everything at once to make it work. 1. 37"+ LCD or Plasma screen TV with DVI input- Every Sci Fi move has a wall mounted, flat panel TV. The DVI Input is important for the next step. 2. Computer Graphics card with additional DVI Output- Now my TV is my monitor for when I watch video on the internet. See how this still gets me one step further, even though my total future isn't complete. 3. Wireless Keyboard & mouse w/ 30' range- Now I've made it to my couch. Now my TV is my monitor unless my wife or I want to use the computer while the other person is watching a DVD or playing a video game. That's why the DVI output is additional. 4. Bluetooth adaptor for my PC- Now I can wirelessly send info back and forth to my Smart phone. Why wasn't the phone in this list? Because I already have it... This is My Own Personal Digital Future. My phones also my mp3 player... BAM! 5. Bluetooth Stereo Headset- What's that! now I can use my headset to listen to either my phone, or my computer, which I activate from my couch. Starting to feel like the future. 6. Windows Media Center- Look, you can bitch and moan about Microsoft, but they went and made a program to totally integrate all of my entertainment through my wireless computer which I control from my couch. See, in 6 easy steps I'm living out of a sci fi film. How cool is that? It's written down and planned so I know exactly what I have to do to get to the future. I am self actualized. So follow my lead, and plan out Your Own Personal Digital Future.