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MC Karl Rove in the Hizzy

[youtube]HxcuVlCuX9Y[/youtube] Last Night was the Annual Radio-Television Correspondents' Association Dinner, where polictians and journalists get together and have a humorous time together. Unfortunately for the rest of us it is boradcast on TV so we get to see just what a bunch of jackasses the people who run our governemtn our. Last year Stephen Colbert hosted, but aparently his comedic style of truthiness, wasn't to the President's liking. So this year they went the ultra vanilla route and got two of the guys from Whose Line is it Anyways (not Ryan Styles if you where thinking he was one of them). One of the improv bits they did was a rap song featuring Karl Rove. Let me say this any time a bunch of White guys wearing tuxedoes want to do a rap song it is never a good idea. It wouldn't have been as cringe inducing if Karl Rove didn't proceed to dace, hop, spasm, whatever you call it not really to the beat of the song. Considering this man of one of the most powerful people in the country it really makes you lose confidence that he knows how to properly manage the country when he can't stop himself from looking like a total jackass on TV. That's not even mentioning the rapping. It was so bad I was longing for the days of good rappers like MC Scat Cat. For all the African American readers out there I know completely understand why you hate White people. If some one is going to appropriate your culture, the least they could do is do a good job stealing it. So vote for Barack Obama in 2008 at least he has some sembalance of rhythm.