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Lost on TV, Lost Interest

lost_gross.jpg So, a few years back when Lost first aired, I didn't care. I am not much of a TV watcher and so I don't believe that I even knew it existed until someone else (a friend) told me that it was possibly the "Best Show Ever". Mind you, I am currently using that previous term in the most loosest and quote-like sense possible. I was told this "quote" back right before the second season was due to air and required upon my friendship with said quoter to watch the entire first season so that I could become a member of her "Lost Circle". What can a girl like me do? I gave into the peer pressure because I want to be socially accepted by my peers and I have no life. In the course of five grueling days, I had watched all 26 forty-one minute long episodes of the first season. Five days. Get that through your head. Five days of nothing but watching Lost. Let's calculate the amount of time i spent on watching Lost in five days: -the entire watching period covered 1066 minutes -that means it was 17.76 hours of pure entertainment pleasure -I watched (on average) 5.2 confusing and beguiling episodes a day That's a lot of Lost. And, honestly, I loved it. I hate sitcomy shit. I don't like the generic comedy shows. I like me some cartoons and some funny weird stuff and I loved me some Lost. Please note the past-tenseness of the last statement. I mean, the second season started to slow down a little, but it was still pretty interesting. But now, third season, yes I am talking to you, you are boring and contrived. I just want something to happen in this show, for us to find some other weird factoid out or something but what do you give me? Cancer. You kill my favorite character Mr Eko just when I think you are going to do something interesting. Where the heck are Sun and her Husband? I mean, after she shot that girl, where the crap did they go? How about Michael and his son? Oh, and now Desmond can see the future and you aren't gonna talk about him at all, either? No, I think it's a great idea to center on the most boring plot points right now. Good move, third season. Like we care if Sawyer and Kate are now in love. Do we really even like either of those characters very much? Not really. We like Hurley. Where did Hurley go? Who knows. How about, what is Lock doing? NOTHING. What is any one else on the island doing? Nothing. They are sipping their mango coconut smoothies on the beach enjoying the overwhelming lack of interesting things happening on this show.  And eating stupid Fish Biscuits. So, in conclusion, I am gonna have to break up with you, Lost. I mean, we had our fun. But in this case, I am not going to sugar coat it. It was you, not me. I mean, things were great when we began. I know we had some rough times and I used to feel that we could make it work, that we could get through together. I just don't think you are living up to your potential and frankly, I already found another TV show, Heroes, to replace you. Please, don't be upset and don't try to change my mind. I really like this TV show and I think it could really work out between us. I know that there are others out there who still love you and will watch you religiously. I just don't know why.

So, What is wrong with two guys kissing?

Now, If you were to know me personally you would know that I enjoy to watch two guys kiss. And touch. And have sex. Now, I have to make two disclaimers before we even begin. Disclaimer #1: I don't like porn made for gay guys. That is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is gay porn made specifically for women, usually by women. There will be no licking of the armpits for me, thank you. Disclaimer #2: I am going to have links to stuff you might not want to see, so if you are a little queasy, don't click on the links. Or do, everyone likes to live life on the edge, right? So, read on, my privliaged guests. But be warned, there is adult content ahead! So, anyway, where were we? Oh, yes, boys kissing. First of all, most of the smut that I like is drawn like a comic book, by the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans usually. It's called yaoi. So, the boys are cute, sexy and kinda feminine which is a nice draw for women. I don't know if you guys know this but women are not typically turned on like men just by visual stimulus. We need a storyline and drama. Sorry, it's just how it works. It' the wiring or something. By the way, this article at ScienceDaily states that women can be aroused with images of both male and female erotica, so that's interesting. Basically, the whole point is that women love the penis. I mean, I am really just speaking from personal experience but I love the penis. So, yaoi it is. Let me give you some examples. These images are from a fan scanlation groups that translates unreleased yaoi for English readers until they are published in the States. All of the images are from Hochuuami, one of my favorite sites. We love penises, beautiful boys, drama, taboo and love stories. I really like the beautiful art, a nice storyline that might include any of the following: forbidden love, brother lover, neighbor love, school yard love, slight rape that turns into love (I really like this one if it's done well), friend of the older brother, salaryman love, ect, Characters that I can relate to in situations that have sexual tension. Stuff I don't like: tenticle porn (never in yaoi that I have encountered, by the way), Shouta (which is child porn but since it's drawn instead of actual pics I think it's okay for people to like, I just don't like it), and bad art. I hate bad art in a yaoi. To me, it's all about being beautiful and attractive. Things like shouta and rape are okay in these situations because yaoi is all about fantasy. None of it is real or ever was. That is a big draw, I feel. I mean, I don't advocate rape in real life. I would never actually want to be raped. But I do like to fantasize about it. And I like to fantasize about the sibling thing, although not with my siblings. It's all about the taboo. I would never want to even think about MY brother that way but I am all about thinking about a random duo of brothers (they are usually half brother separated in life or step brothers, by the way. Most of the time the comics actually avoid full relations, although it's not completely out of the spectrum.) falling into a forbidden love. Yaoi is all about extremes of forbidden love and taboos and that is what gets women's juice flowing. These are the innermost dreams and fantasies that women have that they wouldn't necesarily act upon. I don't think that men should be grossed out when women say that they like the idea of two men together, I think it's just the same as men liking two women together. The only thing is that women are more excepting of the idea then men are, as DailyScience has pointed out for us. So, women, check out yaoi for a little erotica if you'd like. You just might find yourself addicted.