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So, What is wrong with two guys kissing?

Now, If you were to know me personally you would know that I enjoy to watch two guys kiss. And touch. And have sex. Now, I have to make two disclaimers before we even begin. Disclaimer #1: I don't like porn made for gay guys. That is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is gay porn made specifically for women, usually by women. There will be no licking of the armpits for me, thank you. Disclaimer #2: I am going to have links to stuff you might not want to see, so if you are a little queasy, don't click on the links. Or do, everyone likes to live life on the edge, right? So, read on, my privliaged guests. But be warned, there is adult content ahead! So, anyway, where were we? Oh, yes, boys kissing. First of all, most of the smut that I like is drawn like a comic book, by the Japanese, Chinese or Koreans usually. It's called yaoi. So, the boys are cute, sexy and kinda feminine which is a nice draw for women. I don't know if you guys know this but women are not typically turned on like men just by visual stimulus. We need a storyline and drama. Sorry, it's just how it works. It' the wiring or something. By the way, this article at ScienceDaily states that women can be aroused with images of both male and female erotica, so that's interesting. Basically, the whole point is that women love the penis. I mean, I am really just speaking from personal experience but I love the penis. So, yaoi it is. Let me give you some examples. These images are from a fan scanlation groups that translates unreleased yaoi for English readers until they are published in the States. All of the images are from Hochuuami, one of my favorite sites. We love penises, beautiful boys, drama, taboo and love stories. I really like the beautiful art, a nice storyline that might include any of the following: forbidden love, brother lover, neighbor love, school yard love, slight rape that turns into love (I really like this one if it's done well), friend of the older brother, salaryman love, ect, Characters that I can relate to in situations that have sexual tension. Stuff I don't like: tenticle porn (never in yaoi that I have encountered, by the way), Shouta (which is child porn but since it's drawn instead of actual pics I think it's okay for people to like, I just don't like it), and bad art. I hate bad art in a yaoi. To me, it's all about being beautiful and attractive. Things like shouta and rape are okay in these situations because yaoi is all about fantasy. None of it is real or ever was. That is a big draw, I feel. I mean, I don't advocate rape in real life. I would never actually want to be raped. But I do like to fantasize about it. And I like to fantasize about the sibling thing, although not with my siblings. It's all about the taboo. I would never want to even think about MY brother that way but I am all about thinking about a random duo of brothers (they are usually half brother separated in life or step brothers, by the way. Most of the time the comics actually avoid full relations, although it's not completely out of the spectrum.) falling into a forbidden love. Yaoi is all about extremes of forbidden love and taboos and that is what gets women's juice flowing. These are the innermost dreams and fantasies that women have that they wouldn't necesarily act upon. I don't think that men should be grossed out when women say that they like the idea of two men together, I think it's just the same as men liking two women together. The only thing is that women are more excepting of the idea then men are, as DailyScience has pointed out for us. So, women, check out yaoi for a little erotica if you'd like. You just might find yourself addicted.