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George Bush is a Satanist

That's right people the president George W. Bush is a Satanist. I know he goes around saying Jesus this and Jesus that, but if you look at his actions not what he is saying it's clear he is a Satanist. The kind of Satanism I am refering to is the one founded by Anton LeVay. Its ethical teachings are on indivudalism, self-indulgence and "eye for an eye" morality. Looking at W's behavior over these past 6 years its clear that his philosophical beliefs are the same a Satanist. Satanists believe in individualism, the individual must enforce his own meaning in life and rise above the masses. Satanists do not worship Satan as a god, but rather themselves as one. They turn religious worship inward not outward. Now look at George Bush, he himself has said the he is the "decider" (sp?). Clearly he thinks he is above everyone else and doesn't listen to or care what other people think but makes decisions on his own. Look at the war in Iraq the majority of Americans do not support the war and neither does Congress, who represent the public, but George Bush still just listens to himself. Obviously George W. Bush has positioned himself as a god who sends people to die without any thought as to the consequences.  Self-indulgence is the next teaching. One of the first things George Bush said after 9-11 was that people shouldn't stop buying things and should keep the economy going. Basically don't think about all the people that died and how we can change what we've been doing to make a better world, but just keep thinking about yourself and pretend like nothing happened. He has also given massive tax cuts to the rich and made sure all his cronies have lucrative government contracts. His daughters also are self-idulgent just look how many times they have been caught boozing it up. George Bush just cares about his money and making the country better for the super rich. The last teaching is an "eye for and eye". This is much different than the Christian teaching of  love, compassion and sympathy for all. This law of retaliation states that you should only treat those who deserve it with love and compassion rather than everyone. After 9-11 George Bush stated that America would retaliate agaist those that caused the tragedy and led us into war against Afghanistan and Iraq. A Christian would have acted with love, sympathy and compassion and tried to find a peacful decision. George Bush as a Satanist though could not wait to start shooting and get revenge. As you can clearly see George W. Bush is a Satanist far more than the Christian that he claims to be. So for all those people who voted for him you really voted for the devil.