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George W. Bush Busts a Move

I don't think I can add anything to this. George W. Bush busts a move with some African dancers, via the Daily Show: More video of the move-busting... [youtube]FIuODSIuHLo[/youtube]

More Mario Bros

In keeping with Dwallz post today on a live action Mario Bros, I thought I would entertain you with something I found that I thought was amusing. Please keep in mind that the titles of these videos are Mario Frustration, so could all of the water bottle toting protesters please leave the room now?


Click on read more to see the other two parts of this video. It's worth watching even though it's 23 minutes long. I mean, you are already killing time here anyway, might as well watch it all.



Real Super Mario Bros.

Check out this awesome skit these guys did recreating Super Mario Bros. It rocks! [youtube]sGQ20yDDVzQ[/youtube]

Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Water Bottle

This video is blowing up in the interweb, but if you haven't seen it, take a look. Mike Daisey, probably best known for his descriptions of working for during the dot-com bubble, is performing a pretty funny monologue. Unfortunately, a Christian group is there to protest, and there ain't nothing Jesus hates more than the F-bomb. [youtube]-IeMtQ-SZtA[/youtube]

UFC Surprise Upset

Last Night was UFC 70 Live from Manchester, England. The Main Event featured favorite Mirko Cro Cop vs. Gabriel Gonzaga. The fight was supposed to be a stepping stone for Cro Cop to face current heavyweight champ Randy Coutre at an upcoming PPV. Cro Cop was the odds on favorite and was supposed to win the match easily. Unfortunately nobody told Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga who knocked him out in the first round. [youtube]wHlLY_ehyzM[/youtube] Actually he didn't just knock him out, he knocked him the fuck out. Look at it in slow motion you can see Cro Cop go completely unconcious and twist his knee and ankle badly in the process.  The ironic thing is Cro Cop was the one with the extensive kickboxing background not Gonzaga, whom nobody expected to be able to land a kick like that. This just goes to show how exciting the UFC is and how unlike other "professional" fights it is not fixed. If some one has enough heart they will be given the chance to prove themselves. I don't envy Randy Coutre who now has to face Gonzaga who will be looking to to further make a new for himself by defeating Coutre. Gonzaga definately is a serious contender now.