Hot Man on Man Action!

[youtube]j-HgdxxyNe4[/youtube] Recently with the Foley scandal people have been once again up in arms over homosxual behavior. However, people need to realize that love between to men is a beautiful and natural thing. A past article even described how women like to see to men getting it on. In Japan they are much more progressive thinking than we are in the USA. They freely embrace love between two men. The follwoing clip shows how beautiful and sensual it can be. I think we need to start exposing this kind of thing to young children so they won't grow up not understanding the elegant grace of manly love.

  1. Dwallz, your video is no longer available. I couldn’t watch this hot man on man action. :(

    also, if you are on this current vein, you might want to check out this movie and write a review about it.

    October 10th, 2006 at 11:51 am

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