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River Surfing, with Dynamite or without

You are far from any beaches, or the ocean for that matter. But the sun is out and you've got your surfboard waxed -- how can you get your surfing in? Head downtown, grab a friend and a few sticks of dynamite, and surf the river: [youtube]JR_naKxLEPc[/youtube] It looks like this is an ad for Quicksilver who sell surfing gear, so I have no idea if it's a real video they picked up or something staged. But I'm impressed. Dynamite isn't the only way to surf a river. If you've got some predictable rapids, you can surf the waves formed where the water flows over submerged ledges and rocks. [youtube]sB2e_-ZXb_k[/youtube] In the video above you can see Skookumchuck Rapids in British Columbia, Canada. The wave is due to the tide sweeping in from the sea, hitting a narrows and a bedrock ledge at just the right angle. Tides being what they are, the wave is only this good a few times a month. If you are in Brazil, you can surf the tidal bore on the Amazon River known as the pororoca. In the video below, you can see how one pororoca wave can keep surfers up for as much as a half hour. The main danger here is all the tree branches and debris from the river. [youtube]s6QLlaswADQ[/youtube] Of course, if you live too far from the beach, British Columbia, or Brazil, you can always gas up the boat and wake surf: [youtube]AOeN2Ohc2iQ[/youtube]