Humor Post

You Really Are as F-ed Up as You Think You Are

Recently it came to my attention that you are insecure. You are convinced that there is something freakishly wrong with you; that there is something so wrong with you that sets you apart from every other person in the universe. You have been in many situations in your life wherein you felt unwanted or unwelcome; like you just didn't fit it in, you horrible freakish outcast, you. You have felt as insignificant as can be. And you are absolutely right. There are approximately six billion insecure freaks floating around out there and you are definitely one of them. There is nothing so special or remarkable about you as to separate you from the one universal plight of humanity: being human. So you have two choices, the next time what's-her-name is talking down at you or the next time what's-his-name is giving saying things in that disparaging tone you can shrink inside your lonely little shell and feel absolutely worthless, or you can grab humanity by the nutsack and give that poor lonely soul opposite you a great big hug. And I say, hug on, my brother, hug on, my sister, hug on!