xiu xiu – Boy Soprano

I have been a big fan of the band xiu xiu ever since hearing "I Luv the Valley (OH!)" on their album Fabulous Muscles. (In fact, the song is so good, Stylus Magazine devoted a whole column to elucidate its meaning). The lead singer and motivating force behind the band, Jamie Stewart, has a knack for writing lyrics that come across as nonsensical, but are actually more cohesive than one would expect at first listen. The same can be said for their sound, which combines his warbling and fragile voice with cacaphonous and dischordant music. xiu xiu has just released a new single, "Boy Soprano," that seems a fairly typical effort for the band. The video, though, is even better. It riffs off the 16-bit Nintendo era, looking like a cross between Pit Fighter and Castlevania. It is hard to catch what the dialogue boxes that crop up periodically contain, but they seem to be absurdist and aphoristic musings on modern life. Here is the video, courtesy of YouTube (make sure to wait for the sad, futile ending): [youtube]EJFmpLvofrM[/youtube]

  1. I love this video.

    Has anyone heard their new album yet?

    September 16th, 2006 at 6:37 pm

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