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I decided to name my little ideas here so that every time I write about the top 100 Sci-fi list it's going to be listed under "fill in the blank", Top 100 fantasy will be "awesome catchy title" and top 100 sci-fi movies will be "insert really good name here". Obviously, I have not thought of good names yet and was wondering if people would give me some suggestions. Also, I have made a few decisions about how the point system will work. Now, don't hate on me later if I change it, I have never done anything like this before. I figure that I will start out on this system and if I find something that works better, I will make appropriate changes. Basically here is what I was thinking. There are currently five areas of focus. So, How about a basic 100 point system (to keep with the 100 theme. Clever, don't you think? You didn't even notice!). So, with five areas that would make it about, let's see, 20 points a category. See, my schooling did pay off. Just to give an example of how it might work: Fictitious book title. Synopsis (short if possible) Category 1: Readability-15 out of 20 My explanation of why it rated so... Category 2: Story Quality - 10 out of 20 My explanation… (more categories) Summary and questions to the public about something in the book, topics of conversation So, I think that is basically how it will work. Any suggestions? Also, kids, don't forget to help me think of names!!!

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