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Yakety Sax Makes Anything Funny!

Recently the post was started as to what the 5 funniest movies of all time were. This is pretty hard to judge because any movie can become funny when Yakety Sax is played over it. Yakety Sax was first invented by the British during WWII to combat the germans by allowing there troops to move around in super fast motion. However, the project was abandoned when the researchers could not stop laughing at everything the test subjects did. Later Yakety Sax was adobted by Benny Hill in an attempt to make his shitty show actually funny, it worked for 65 years. So without further ado, I present the top 5 things Yakety Sax makes funny. 1. Hiroshima: True it was said all of the people dying in a atomic explosion, but watching them run around fast is hilarious. [youtube]XsZEtGjns1M[/youtube] 2. Crime: This criminal might be spending the rest of his life being raped in prison, but that doesn't mean we can't still have a lauah. [youtube]SmPzwIIDvyw[/youtube] 3. Jesus: Yeah that crucifixtion must of hurt, but thats nothing a little Yakety Sax can't fix! [youtube]4GjNSUatTc4[/youtube] 4. Germans: The sound pretty scary when they talk, but look at this little furer he's adorable! [youtube]-HAoAhRE-vY[/youtube] 5. 911: Well I guess there are somethings even Yakety Sax can't make funny... [youtube]P_vmOPrKTJE[/youtube]