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Marge plays World of Warcraft


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Deviant Artist Becomes World’s Greatest Fan-fic-er

An artist named *spacecoyote posted two "fan-fic" anime-style drawings of The Simpsons and Futurama characters to the popular art site Less then a week later, she was signed on to work for Bongo Comics - owned and created by Matt Groening (creator of both series) on anime-style Simpsons comics. She also might be working with 20th Century Fox as well. How's that for a nice little bit of happiness from this "Web 2.0" world? Post some junk online that you think your friends might dig and instead of a lawsuit (more common) you get a job? Please do check out *spacecoyote's drawings - I especially like her realization of Marge, Patty and Selma in the Simpsons drawing. Here's the official deviantART posting on the topic if you'd like to leave her some props.

The Simpsons vs. The White Stripes

In yet another example of why real-life people should stay out of cartoons, Bart Simpson battles the Jack White and Meg White of the White Stripes. [youtube]VpZePwr5SHI[/youtube] Here's the original video, if you haven't seen it: [youtube]gLESpHrtvxs[/youtube] The best thing about this video is that if you ran across it on YouTube, you would think it was just another really clever amateur music video. It's directed by Michel Gondry, who has made some of the best music videos of all time.