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Top 5 Stop-Motion Recreations of Video Games

Yes, you read the title correctly. Thanks to the advent of YouTube and it's brethren, anyone with a camera and some free time can put video up for the world to see. So it's almost inevitable that people would re-enact their favorite video games with food, people, and various objects in stop motion.. First, a medley of classic arcade games from [youtube]nhbt9z4fkWo[/youtube] Now let's get serious - old skool racing games might not have the realistic graphics of today's Gran Turismos and whatnot, but they made up for it by really testing your skill. It's hard to avoid other cars when you only have a few pixels to maneuver in. Here's a recreation of that Atari classic, Pole Position (credit goes to [youtube]ywqu_8RIDvU[/youtube] Super Mario Brothers 3 was one of the most amazing games of all time - what other video game has cured a poor mute boy? This video shows the first level, done in Lego. It's so good it's hard to believe it's real. From YouTube user jmehatesyou. [youtube]qHvb_3TVAfA[/youtube] This one is short. Using candles as pixels in Pac Man might seem strange, but just think - this is the only version so far that required the animator to risk mild to moderate burns. Also, when your significant other catches you wasting hours setting this up, you can always claim you were preparing for a romantic dinner, and not being a huge nerd. [youtube]wKbJvM7VbQc[/youtube] Finally, here's by far the best--using an entire building to play Tetris and other games. It doesn't count as stop-motion, you say? Well, they are creating a series of frames which then create the illusion of motion, so close enough. Besides, they wired a building to play Tetris! By my official scoring table that means they win every top 5 list for all eternity. [youtube]2pjPapxUrx0[/youtube] This is actually an edited clip, you can see more at Project Blinkenlights.