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Can’t Touch Strippers with a 10 Foot Poll

The saga of the great Stripper debate continues. The bill is currently under review by the house due to several questions of constitutional legality and whether or not the language of the document actually makes sense or is just plain ridiculous. There is also question about the CCV and whether or not they told the truth about similar legislation in other states and legality of the bill. Recently on their site to bolster their failing support they published a poll that they had done saying how the majority of Ohioans support the bill. Of course if you look closer you will notice several fishy things about this poll, and realize that it is just another attempt by the CCV to propagate their own cause that the majority of the public does not support.

Firstly there is the whole issue of the inaccuracy of polls. Looking at the entry on Wikipedia there is an entire section on how and why they are inaccurate. First is the sampling error. This has to do with the size of sample being polled. The larger the sample, the more accurate the polls and the lower margin of error. You will notice that this poll only has a sample of 500 and a margin of error of 4.4%. The number of registered voters in Ohio for the 2004 election was 7,979,639. Is it just me or does 500 people seem like a really small sample of the total number of voters? The CCV would have you believe that the poll represents some overwhelming majority but you can clearly see it is barely a handful of people. Also with such a small sample of people the margin of error is quite high. So even this data might not be correct. Right off the bat the poll is rife with problems bringing its accuracy into question.

Secondly look at the people polled in the survey. 80% of those surveyed where white. 65% were married. Over half of them were over the age of 45. So out of those 500 people surveyed the vast majority are older married white people. Already this is an incredible biased sample. The CCV is trying to claim that this poll represents the majority of Ohioans, but obviously it is only a small percentage and not a large cross section. If I ran a poll and just sampled my constituents I’m sure I could come up with poll results so the exact opposite of these results.

Finally take a look at the company that did these polling results, The Polling Company Inc. They are a full service market research, public affairs and political consulting firm. Look at that last line, political consulting firm. They are obviously hired for political purposes to help with political issues like trying to get a bill passed. Their whole point was to design a survey that would support CCV platform and not create a non biased one that would actually show what people are thinking. Look at their list of other political clients: Massachusetts Republican Party, Mercer County Republican Committee (NJ), National Republican Congressional Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican National Committee, Republicans for Environmental Protection. All of these are Republican organizations not one democratic. It looks like the CCV hired another right wing shill group to promote their conservative agenda.

What it really boils down to is we already have a method to decide what the public wants besides polling, it’s called voting. Put the issue to a vote and see what the people really want. Don’t interview 500 people and say this is what everybody wants. The CCV of course doesn’t want to do this because the majority of people do not support the bill and further more they would be disgusted that time and money has been spent on this when so many other issues like education and the economy need to be addressed by the government.

First They Came for My Strippers, and I Said Nothing

Recently Bill SB 16 passed in the Ohio Senate and will be sent to the house for a vote next. The bill call prohibits all dancers working in strip clubs from “touching� any patrons and they must remain at least six feet away from them. It also calls for all strip clubs to close at 11:00 pm. This legislation will not surprisingly shut down most if not all strip clubs in Ohio.

This legislation was introduced by the activist group Citizens for Community Values. In addtion to not liking strip clubs, they also are against hotels that show adult movies, gambling and of course homosexuality. The refer to strip clubs on their website as, "And they have tried to paint nude strip clubs and other sex businesses as safe places of entertainment, rather than as the hotbed of criminal activity that our courts have recognized them to be." The group got a petition signed that introduced the bill to be voted on.

This is another example of a small special interest group going out of its way to influence public policy that the majority of the public does not agree with. There is already legislation for each community to decide if they want adult establishments, such as strip clubs in their community. This new legislation is unnecessary and takes away power from local governments. This new state wide regulation is totally unwarranted. There is also the freedom of speech issue that such a law would violate.

The CCV says they are trying to reduce “prostitution and violence towards women�, but shutting down strip clubs will not address either of those issues. All that will happen are the thousands of people that are employed by the stripping industry in Ohio will lose their jobs and patrons will go to other states for their entertainment. The CCV is on a religious moral crusade to get rid of something they don’t like. On their website they have information how you can get a similar bill submitted in your state. This is an example of rabble rousing for an issue that doesn’t exist. If stripping was such a problem wouldn’t legislation have already been proposed without waiting for a special interest group to submit it?

Several of the senators have said they felt pressure from them to pass the bill. The CCV has the voting record on their homepage so people can see who they should vote for. I for one will not vote for any of the senators who voted for the bill as, I do not feel that they had their constituent’s wishes in mind as much as their own reelection campaigns. Politicians need to stop listening to these special interest groups with their lobbyists and listen to the people who voted for them in office.

With this link you can find you local representative and email them your opinion on the bill. Here you can find the contact in formation for you state senator to contact them as well. Show the politicians that you have an opinion too and that a small minority does not speak for the majority of the public.