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Science Projects: Slowing Down Time with High-Speed Video

In earlier science projects articles about sulfur hexafluoride gas and non-newtonian fluids, we at least had a little bit of theory and explanation to go with the goofy videos. Not so much in this entry. It turns out that filming a video in very high speed, then watching it in slow motion, is just fun. What could be better than watching somebody get hit in the head with a water balloon over the course of a minute? [youtube]tZ8TJ4E_ihY[/youtube] Remember to always wear safety goggles when attempting this next one: [avi width="320" height="240"][/avi] The video above was made by Tom and Mike, see more of their videos here. And of course, the obligatory Mentos / Diet Coke slow-motion explosion: [youtube]GfLBOupDdX8[/youtube]