Humor Post WCW Wrestling

Are you ready for the SHOCKMASTER!!!!

shockmaster.jpgI know most of you aren't wrestling fans, but this is one hilarious moment I think everyone can enjoy. I comes from the early 90's in WCW. It takes place during Ric Flair's (Whoooo!) Flair for the Gold talk show segment where he interviews Sting and The British Bulldog before their upcoming PPV match. The costumes they are wearing are terrific I think they used 15 bedazzlers to make them. About half way through the segment they introduce their mystery partner the Shockmaster, who comes crashing through a wall and promptly falls on his ass and loses his helmet. Yes that is a stormtrooper helmet covered in glitter. The voice over them give him is equally hilarious. I think if they brought back wrestling like this it would be ten times more popular today. Click below to see the video. Bring back the SHOCKMASTER!!! [youtube]cvgHCtjXbAI[/youtube]