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No catchy name for a post about a show I went to last night and the band that stayed over

So, I went to yet another mcchris show last night, although this time he was opening for Piebald. It was kinda sad for me since mc wasn't headlining his set was pretty short, but I do digress. I didn't stay for Piebald, just so you know, but I did arrive early enough to see the opening band, of whom before this point I had never heard of, Street to Nowhere. Usually I am very indifferent when I don't know of the opening band for a show that has such a diverse line up of entertainers, mc being a nerdcore rapper and Piebald being emo-core. But, if you knew me better than you do, you would know that I hate to be late for anything, so there I was dutifully waiting for the doors of the Grog Shop to open here in beautiful Cleveland, OH.

Anyway, none of this so far is telling you why i currently have the band members from Street to Nowhere sleeping in my living room.

So, back to the point. We get to said show. We get in, buy our mc merch early and take it to the car, since we are so early (we got there when the doors opened, you know). We go say hi to mc, who always dutifully hangs out at his table with his merch guy until the show starts. And then the first band starts. It was kinda weird, there was no intro or anything, just kinda, all of a sudden there was live music instead of the jukebox music. So, I am skeptical, because I always am skeptical. But they start out, and I look over to Ry and say "hmm....maybe I am glad that we got here early enough to hear the opening band, they kinda rock".

And they did. I was suprised. Boy, I guess that that is kinda mean, but you know how hit or miss the first opening band can be, right? Maybe I am just a little pessimistic. Sorry about that. They did rock, I totally enjoyed their set. I was kinda disappointed that some of the crowd for Piebald just stood their like statues in the front reserving their stations for a band that wouldn't play for two more sets. They just get in the way of good rocking.

So, during their set, they tell people they are looking for a place to stay and do their laundry. I kinda thought they were kidding, but that goes to show you how naive I am about the music scene. So, after their set, Ry and I go over and wait for them to finish putting their stuff away and offer them accommodation. But before we can actually offer, a girl who I dubbed 'anti-mohawk' comes over and offers her service to them as well. They start a list, and we go to rock out with mc. I didn't really think that they would call on us, I mean, there had to be better offers, right? But I think that free laundry (as opposed to paying with quarters, you know) is a nice bonus for anyone.

Well, long story short (since this blog is getting out of hand), they do call us, and we are housing a band for the night. It's gotta be a tough life for a band on the road. No days off for good behavior, running all the time, staying in complete strangers houses, but, think of how much fun that can be for a while, too. Just no too long, you know? Bands do make nice house guests, though.
If you see that Piebald is coming to your town, go see the show, and get there early enough for Street to Nowhere and mcchris. You won't regret it. It's up to you if you stay for Piebald, though.
Please excuse me while I go make my house guests some breakfast.