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How I imagine bad records are born

Don't you hate it when you buy a new CD b/c you really love one song and then you get it and it has like four good songs and 9 shitty songs? And the songs you like you really like, but the songs you dislike you really hate? Like, what was going on? Did the band get lazy? Did they get rock amnesia? Did they get lame disease? Okay, I will admit that the last one was pretty lame by any standards.  I apologize. And how does one get rock amnesia? One minute your band is really rocking out, and then all of a sudden and out of the blue like you forget how to play anything except Coldplay or Limp Bizkit (I guess that would depend on your genre, which band you would start to play). I mean, you are rocking out, and then all of a sudden you look at the drummer and say, "hey, let's try rocking it like Coheed and Cambria, that would be cool". That is when you find a new band, by the way. Cause you're mediocrity is sealed in one of those giant Tupperware containers that lady used to keep her kids in to keep them children for ever on Erie Indiana. If you just got that reference, you are truly an awesome person and should be given mad props. So, here is how I think it must go: Said band is sitting around. They have like, three solid tracks, a few tracks that are kinda rockin and some lyrics that someone wrote while they were drunk/tired/high/highly caffeinated/etc. The lyrics seem OK, but def are not up to the standards of the other "solid" tracks the band already has. But....they don't feel like writing anything else, so, they must be good. Oh, wait, that's not how it is, they must actually lay down the "negotiable" tracks while drunk/tired/high/you get the point and then somehow think that they are good enough to hand in with the rest of the record. They must not even listen to them again. I think that it goes like this: they say, "oh, man, we rocked so hard last night, lets not even ruin the vibe of these tracks by listening to them again" And then the person who arranges the album doesn't care, it's not their music, they probably don't even listen to it, either. They just pick the track order at random unless the band specified differently. So, the record gets published and then people like me buy the album and regret it. I definitely don't regret the songs that rock on this particular album, but I do hate the ones that suck so bad. So bad. But, you know, this whole little scenario is all made up in my head, I have no idea how a record is produced or anything. But for the crappy ones, I figure this has to be close. And, if you are crying because I made fun of one of your favorite bands, your taste in music sucks. Grow up.