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Bruce Campbell vs Old Spice

Here are two Bruce Campbell Old Spice commercials and one documentary on these commercials by Bruce himself. They are amusing so if you are just killing time, please watch them all. Hopefully you do know who Bruce Campbell is, but if you don't, click here for a short history. If you just clicked there, I can't believe you don't know who Bruce Campbell is. [youtube]Af1OxkFOK18[/youtube] [youtube]Yg6bZSM48vU[/youtube] [youtube]7ba1O8OjbTs[/youtube] I know it's kinda silly to have a video about the making of a set of commercials but this one is funny. I really like when they talk to the girls who have no idea who Bruce Campbell is but try to pretend they do and when the girl sits on his shoulders on at the piano. Those are my highlights but feel free to share your own.