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Mozilla Not Making a Profit

I recently found out that Mozilla is a non profit corporation. Thats right the same Mozilla that makes Firefox. Mozilla's mission is to improve the internet experience for the public benefit. I would say that they are doing a really good job of that because Firefox is used my millions of people and totally kicks IE's ass. Mozilla started as a small corporation but due to the overwhelming success of Firefox have turned into a multimillion dollar corporation. That corporation however, is totally owned by the non profit Mozilla foundation and revenue generated from Firefox is put back into funding Mozilla's mission. This is probably why Firefox is so much better than IE. Rather than giving CEO's and stockholders all of the profit and paying their programmers nothing, Mozilla reinvests into hiring the top programmers and staff to make sure their products attain levels of excellence. It is refreshing to see a company that views its profits as they good it is doing for the benefit of others rather than how much money it can rake in. Non profits are becoming more professionalized everyday are showing that they can be as competitive as for profit organizations without sacrificing their commitment to enriching other people's lives.