Britney-Spears coochie Ho Humor Music Post

The Hoeffecation of America

I am writing this expose about a disturbing trend in today’s modern society, namely the Hoeffecation of America. This phenomenon has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that this trend began, but most attribute its emergence to one event in the late nineties. Britney Spears’ first video “Hit Me Baby One More Time�, was the catalyst for the so called Hoe movement. Dressed in a risqué school girl outfit and shaking her coochie for the faculty of the school, Britney showed that by being a total hoe you could become rich and famous. Quickly many young girls jumped on this train and never looked back on actually trying to develop a personality. Today the hoeffecation of America is so prevalent it is impossible to go to any public places or events and not be surrounded by hoes. Hoes today consist of women of every age and race. Elementary school girls now wear belly shirts and hip huggers to school, in order to fit in and not to be ridiculed for not being enough of a hoe. Just go to any major retail store and look at the fashions for girls today. Shirts with sayings like Sexy and Hoochie Mama are the norm. You might ask yourself who is buying these young girls these clothes? The answer, their Hoe Mommas. In order to compete with their younger daughter and still be considered sexy and valuable to society, older women are hoeing it up more than ever. They are easily spotted by their fake orange tans, extremely bleached hair, too much makeup, too tight clothing over their sagging skin and hip huggers revealing C-section scars and stretch marks. The majority of women today look like hoes. Why is it that so many women today feel the need to be a hoe? One possibility is the lack of any positive role models in popular culture. Almost all popular female celebrities in movies, music and TV are hoes. Take for instance Christina Aguilera. She has gone from complete total skank hoe to just sort of a hoe. People have congratulated her for cleaning up her act. A hoe is still a hoe people; the degree of hoeiness is merely subjective. Another example is Nelly Furtado. She started out as a smart, creative and original musician who was popular for her unique songs. Flash forward a few years and one slow selling album later, she has been reinvented as Nelly Furtadhoe. Timbaland has seen fit to remove her of all her uniqueness and has her singing a generic club song about fucking. Unless women are celebrities who guys just want to fuck or groupies who just want to fuck celebrities, they have no place is popular culture. The main force behind the increased Hoeffecation of America is money. Corporations make money by selling clothes, cosmetics and other products to women who feel they need them in order to be considered valuable to society. Sexuality is just another commodity and is now totally separate from a person’s feelings and personality. I am not trying to say that a woman looking sexy is a bad thing, but when the only thing that she cares about is looking sexy and picking up “hotties�, a woman becomes a hoe. Stay tuned for further reports on the Hoeffecation of America. As well as the Doucheffecation of America. Please reply with any comments on the article, unless you are a hoe in which case you are too busy eating a dick to reply.