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mc chris and myspace music

First of all, I just went to an mcchris show and it was f*cking fantastic. Pardon my excitable language but it rocked and if you are reading this site and other shit like it, they you should know who the f*ck mcchris is. What kind of nerd doesn't know mcchris? I am sorry, but white kids love hip hop and you know it. Anyway, the show really rocked and mcchris is a really great guy. I have seen him twice now, and each time I am always surprised that he just comes out and hangs out with the crowd and stuff. I really like how real he is. I mean, he will talk to you and hang out with who ever wants to hang out after the show. I was kinda bummed because I had to leave instead of hanging out after the show, really I shouldn't even be typing now because I have to be to work in the morning but I just wanted to put it down while I was still really excited. He has a new album out and it really rocks. Buy it from his site or from itunes, indeed it is really awesome. Which is why I love myspace. I just recently found out that you can check out all sorts of cool music on myspace. I didn't know that (Don't think less of me, I didn't want to give in to the myspace scene, but it was bound to happen eventually). I have found all sorts of bands that are cool that I have never heard of. It's awesome. I can check out what my favorite artists are doing and read what they are thinking and see where they are touring and what they are doing and maybe if I'm lucky they will put me on their friends list. So, if you are dumb like me and didn't know about checking out new music on myspace, then have at it! If you already knew, then, whatever. Go buy mcchris's new album and pick up his old stuff, too. I mean, it's better than most of the other shit out there now, it's cheap and he raps about being a nerd. And nerdly things. All things that you people can associate with. So go and buy it or you will be plagued with chain emails and bad saving throws.