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Genre Bending: Five Great Movie Trailer Spoofs

The rise of YouTube, Google Video and other video sharing web sites has lead to more than just copyright infringement.ÂIt has lead to some pretty clever satire, in the form of movie trailer spoofs. Of course, in a world where a two-second sample from a three-note guitar solo is copyright infringement, the creators of these videos have probably already been sued. But enough pontification, here are five movie trailer spoofs well worth watching. Just a spoon full of sugar... [youtube]2T5_0AGdFic[/youtube] Thou shalt not lie... [youtube]u1kqqMXWEFs[/youtube] All work and no play... [youtube]Gf7h6o3I8yw[/youtube] I don't know how to quit you... [youtube]8uwuLxrv8jY[/youtube] I know what love is... [youtube]4P-PrftFmsI[/youtube] Thanks to Spoofd for the Mary Poppins link.