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I'm not the only one in this situation, order Viagra online overnight delivery no prescription, Purchase Viagra for sale, but I am probably in a very small minority. I understand why Apple might not take the time to develop and test for a small number of users, where to buy Viagra. Online Viagra without a prescription, It's just that I've never encountered any hardware or software before that worked in XP and not 2000. Generally even the stuff that says it requires XP will run in 2000 with some minor hack, Viagra dosage. Viagra For Sale, Also, at least one Apple press release says it will work with 2000 (though the minimum systems requirements page says XP or Vista). Viagra without a prescription, At this point, you are probably thinking one of the following:

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All valid criticisms. I'm not really upset, where can i buy Viagra online, Viagra australia, uk, us, usa, but I thought this little factoid might be helpful for any of my fellow geeks out there who are thinking about getting an iPhone - you might need to add the price of an XP upgrade to your budget too.

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Mozilla Not Making a Profit

I recently found out that Mozilla is a non profit corporation. Thats right the same Mozilla that makes Firefox. Mozilla's mission is to improve the internet experience for the public benefit. I would say that they are doing a really good job of that because Firefox is used my millions of people and totally kicks IE's ass. Mozilla started as a small corporation but due to the overwhelming success of Firefox have turned into a multimillion dollar corporation. That corporation however, is totally owned by the non profit Mozilla foundation and revenue generated from Firefox is put back into funding Mozilla's mission. This is probably why Firefox is so much better than IE. Rather than giving CEO's and stockholders all of the profit and paying their programmers nothing, Mozilla reinvests into hiring the top programmers and staff to make sure their products attain levels of excellence. It is refreshing to see a company that views its profits as they good it is doing for the benefit of others rather than how much money it can rake in. Non profits are becoming more professionalized everyday are showing that they can be as competitive as for profit organizations without sacrificing their commitment to enriching other people's lives.

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Do you work in an office? Do you work for a large company? Does your company have a mission statement, core values, or a bold declaration of what principles that it holds dear?


These two clips are brilliant – and the first, more than the second, is a really interesting artifact. First, it shows that Microsoft, hated by Linux geeks and Mac fans the world over as the evil empire, has a sense of humor. Or at least, the Values Team has a sense of humor, and the latitude to have something like this made.


The second reason this is interesting is that it makes a mockery of the notion that a company has values. Ricky Gervais' character, despite being genuinely hilarious, is a standard trope in corporate training films – the Goofus, brought in as an example of how not do do things. Even Conan O'Brien has played this part.

Usually, though, there is a corresponding Gallant character to show us the way. Not in this case - Stephen Merchant's character is distressed by what has been said, but we're not given very many examples of what these values should mean to each and every one of us.

I wonder. Are these videos just played as ice-breakers, followed by 40 minutes of more standard corporate training? Is Microsoft guerrilla marketing to their own employees, hoping that grabbing their attention will be enough to get some message across?

The first video seems to almost be an acknowledgment that, although we have yearly training and a whole team dedicated to managing them, corporate values are just expensive common sense. Every company is different, obviously, but if you read the news everyday, you're bound to get the impression that if many companies were actually (not just legally) people, they would be sociopaths with multiple personality disorder. They have Core Values too. I wonder if having values and communicating them to your employees has any correlation with ethical behavior, motivation, or success.

How does a values team measure their accomplishments? Do they get bonuses every year the CEO doesn't pull an Enron? Do they get bad reviews when the guy on the loading doc ships his personal items on the company account?

This is not to say that all this is worthless. It would be a really, really interesting research project to figure out how to even measure efficacy, and then see if they are effective. A brief look at the literature suggests it's still a big question...