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Jerry Falwell he Sure was Fat

Noted author and atheist Christopher Hitchens takes the opportunity to crap all over Jerry Falwell's warm corpse. His latest book God Is Not Great attacks all forms of religion so it is no surprise that he takes this position. Of course after listing all the crap Falwell did when he was alive it is hard to blame him. [youtube]YkAPaEMwyKU[/youtube] Just to show that he doesn't play favorites he also takes on Islam. [youtube]an7TaDQ5Yo0[/youtube]

My Mormon Obession, a continuation

Here is a nice little summary from Matt and Trey. I mean, they sum it up so nicely. [youtube]cqWHEVBRfu0[/youtube]

Mr. Deity

Don't you just love finding cool little things on the internet and sharing them with everyone you know? I do. So, that is why you are getting yet another video from me. Yes, I know this is lazy blogging but you love it and you know it. And I just know you will love this. I just know it. So, use that overexposed mouse finger you have there and click on the "play" button, I know it doesn't say play but it's the triangle. I don't know why they picked a triangle to signify play but maybe they thought that the forward looking motion means something to someone. Or, maybe triangles are really playful. I think that it's the second of the two. Playful triangles. Frolicking around when there is work to be done, which is done infact, by squares. Definitely. [youtube]rKM_JlCIMak#GU5U2spHI_4[/youtube]

Richard Dawkins Argues God with Steven Colbert

[youtube]UuXpysYEhgA[/youtube] Don't mistake him for Steven Hawkins. This is Scientist and Atheist Richard Dawkins.