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Life on Gliese 158C? Are there bears there?

Well, it's been discovered by Scientists, those who are not too busy worrying about the war on terror, that is, that there is a planet only 20.5 light years away that could maybe might be possible to support life. Right now it's called Gliese 158C, but some would like to call it New Earth. I mean, we find another planet that might have life on it already and we are already ready to name it. What if it already has a name? And, even if it didn't, why would we want to call it New Earth. I feel like we might have messed up in picking the first name, it's not very fun or intimidating. Personally it needs to be one or the other. If that isn't enough for you, here is Steven Colbert reporting on it with a guy from the Smithsonian.