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Participating in Politics Ironically

In July 2006, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld a ban on gay marriage in part because
limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples furthers procreation, essential to survival of the human race.... Allowing same-sex couples to marry does not, in the legislature’s view, further these purposes....
...DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act] bears a reasonable relationship to legitimate state interests—procreation and child-rearing.
I just read in the Slog that the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance (WA-DOMA) is seeking signatures for Initiative 957, the Defense of Marriage Initiative. If I-957 passes, married couples in Washington would be required to file proof of procreation within three years of their date of marriage or have the marriage annulled. Of course, WA-DOMA doesn't really expect I-957 to pass, and if it somehow does, the Supreme Court would no doubt strike it down as unconstitutional immediately. But I really hope this initiative passes.

Ask a Stupid Question: Unicorns

unicorn6.jpgYahoo has started a new feature on its website called Yahoo! Answers. On it people can ask any sort of question they like and have it answered by other people on the web. Now if your like me your probably thinking why would I want to ask people on the web they're all a bunch of furry loving idiot losers who are only answering questions in between looking at whatever disgusting subfetish furry site they happen to be masturbating to at the time, and you'd be right. So I took it upon myself to ask these morons a stupid question and then post their answers on this site so that they can be publicly mocked. For my first question I picked a topic that I'm sure has been on a lot of people's mind for a while, Are all Unicorns gay or just some? Here is the original thread and below I posted the stupidest answers with my own evaluations of them. unicorn11.jpg I guess if you were wearing a unicorn it would like pretty gay, plus I'm sure PeTA would be pissed. unicorn2.jpg Wow thanks for typing all that out for that lame joke at the end that doesn't even make sense. What does Heterocorn even mean I mean it's not a pun or anything. Maybe if they were called Homocorns then it would make sense. I guess Unicorn and Bi-Corn kind of works, but you ruined it with the hyphen stupid. That joke should be gay unicorn are called Bicorns because they have horns stuck in both ends. unicorn3.jpg Okay unless you are a thirteen old girl masquerading as a 40 year old bald loser then you have no business reading fantasy novels about unicorns. But I do hear Peter Jackson will be directing the first "Spellsinger" movie, oh no wait that only happens in the pathetic fantasy world in you mind. unicorn4.jpg Um...Unicorns are real if you read the bible it says they were their before the great flood, but did not get on the ark because they were too busy horning each other (horning being the gay Unicorn equivalent of fisting) to get on the ark. However, some did survive in the underwater city of Atlantis, with the Lesbian Dragons. So unless your saying the bible and Jesus are wrong then I guess you are. And finally the dumbest answer. unicorn5.jpg Yeah cuz if I did I'd land on his horn, oh wait that's right Unicorns have four legs so if I did jump on him I would just land on his back and we'd ride away over a rainbow bridge into the clouds. Well I don't think we really answered the question here, but gay or not Unicorns still can kick your ass with that horn of theirs. Well until next time I'm off to finish up reading the Spellsinger series, then pretend I'm an anthropmorphic Unicorn in a world of other anthropomorphic mythical creatures who love and accept me, and also make me wear a diaper.

All about our Klub on tolerance and understanding.

Hi guys! My name is Jamal and I just wanted to introduce our new Klub. This is the Gay Black Jewish Klansmen for Tolerance and Understanding Klub. I am this years (our first!) President and cofounder with Dante. I am posting a picture of our first meeting after we got the robes specially made in Mexico. (They were expensive! Who knew that pink and purple satin cost so much!) kit and kaboodle Not pictured: Danny. We told him that he didn't fit the criteria for the Klub but he kept showing up at Dante's house and saying things like "I thought you were understanding! Either way, we had to change the night so he would stop coming. And, Dante's mom told him that if he shows up again, she will call the police. Thanks Dante's mom! So, in the front row from right to left: Dante, Tyron, and Me (Jamal. I really wanted to hold the sword cause swords are cool!) In the back is Tyron's dad (He is not in the club. I mean, he's not even gay. He has a son! And we told him not to have a gun, it sets a bad image for us! But it's his house and his rules...), Lamont (who is behind Tyron, we should have worked that one out better, you can't even see him!) and Jerome. And there is Patrick from Spongebob on the side, he is our unofficial club mascot! Our meetings are every Wednesday at 7:30 in Tyron's Mom's Basement. Afterwards we watch some Spongebob Square pants! (it says that on our sign but it didn't come out so good when I posted it. Sorry!) So, that's our new Klub. If you are in or around Smyrna, Georga and would like to join, please email me! We do have some rules, tho, so email me to see what they are. I don't feel like typing them all now, it's almost time for our second meeting. I just wanted to put up the notes from last week so that Jerome doesn't get pissed that I made him take notes. The Notes! I am going to put dashes next to each item on the agenda, cool? -Is it Kool that Jamal is president? In favor: 4 Against: 1 (Jerome, you faggot!) -I can't read Jerome's handwriting. Whatever. I am pretty sure we just hung out and then watched Spongebob after we ate a pizza that Tyron's dad brought us. I don't really like sausage so hopefully tonight it has pepperoni. -Meeting Adjourned when Tyron's mom kicked us out for breaking the couch downstairs. Sorry Tyron's mom! Okay, guys, we hope to see you next week! Don't forget that this week's theme is how to tell your mom that your gay and next week we are getting self defense lessons from my uncle Sherman. He's kinda old and creepy and once he touched me, but he said he would teach us how to go straight for the nuts. That's gonna be a good meeting. Don't forget, we meet every Wednesday at 7:30 pm, then we watch Spongebob. See you there!