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Super Paper Mario for the Wii, a preview

Oh my god. I cannot wait for this to happen. Just watch how much fun this is going to be, and wait for it, I know he kinda tumbles from his topics but wait for the megastar! I mean, if you don't already own a Wii, this is the game to buy it for if Zelda wasn't. [youtube]xlFtjwSGy3w[/youtube] And here is some more, in case you weren't convinced. [youtube]CLkhGUEmhfg[/youtube] The creativity in games for the Wii is already awesome, but I have a feeling that this game will blow away any previous conceptions you have on video games.

Top 5 Stop-Motion Recreations of Video Games

Yes, you read the title correctly. Thanks to the advent of YouTube and it's brethren, anyone with a camera and some free time can put video up for the world to see. So it's almost inevitable that people would re-enact their favorite video games with food, people, and various objects in stop motion.. First, a medley of classic arcade games from [youtube]nhbt9z4fkWo[/youtube] Now let's get serious - old skool racing games might not have the realistic graphics of today's Gran Turismos and whatnot, but they made up for it by really testing your skill. It's hard to avoid other cars when you only have a few pixels to maneuver in. Here's a recreation of that Atari classic, Pole Position (credit goes to [youtube]ywqu_8RIDvU[/youtube] Super Mario Brothers 3 was one of the most amazing games of all time - what other video game has cured a poor mute boy? This video shows the first level, done in Lego. It's so good it's hard to believe it's real. From YouTube user jmehatesyou. [youtube]qHvb_3TVAfA[/youtube] This one is short. Using candles as pixels in Pac Man might seem strange, but just think - this is the only version so far that required the animator to risk mild to moderate burns. Also, when your significant other catches you wasting hours setting this up, you can always claim you were preparing for a romantic dinner, and not being a huge nerd. [youtube]wKbJvM7VbQc[/youtube] Finally, here's by far the best--using an entire building to play Tetris and other games. It doesn't count as stop-motion, you say? Well, they are creating a series of frames which then create the illusion of motion, so close enough. Besides, they wired a building to play Tetris! By my official scoring table that means they win every top 5 list for all eternity. [youtube]2pjPapxUrx0[/youtube] This is actually an edited clip, you can see more at Project Blinkenlights.

Entertainment for road trips and four hour drives

So, as stated previously in the title, this article is supposed to be about entertainment for road trips (and four hour drives). In particular, road trips that I am taking, but these can be applied to all sorts of events, even just short road jaunts, like the family trip to Wal*Mart or the much more anticipated Sunday excursion to The Mall. I mean, most of these games are created to entertain bored passengers at the expense of others, so please feel free to not read these if you are going to be offended when I am making fun of you on the highway. Just trying to help. Okay, so most of these can be played anytime but some of them are seasonal, which will be decidedly marked as such as we go down the list. Also, and I will mention this again, please feel free to leave in the comments section more ideas for entertaining games for road trips. I will definitely comment on whether they suck or not. 1. The accident game: This is an easy game. The first person to spot an accident gets the points. Points can be assigned as necessary, the severity of the accident is proportional to the amount of points assigned. The accident has to be confirmed in order to count for points by at least one other person inside of the vehicle. Now, if you are the cause for the accident, you lose this game for life. If you are in the accident, no one gets points for it. Also, a seasonality exists for this game. For example, in the winter, a jack knifed truck in a snow drift doesn't count for as many points as it would in the summertime when the weather is much less adverse. So, just keep that in consideration. 2. Honk and Wave: This game is basically self explanatory. You honk and wave at people, and if they wave back, you get points. You can make your own points assignment system depending on where you live, but if you are located in the midwest US area you can feel free to use the point systems allocated to me by my friend The Vic who made this game up, or at least this particular point assignment. -1 point for pedestrians -2 for people on tractors -5 for people in cars -10 for people in mac trucks -20 for people in horse and buggy -50 for any accidents you cause This game is not as compatible with the aforementioned accident game. Play one at a time or pick one you like more. I don't care. 3. The Mullet Game: This game is a game for all times. It is not limited to just playing on road trips. This game is a lifestyle. I mean, when someone wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says "damn, this awesome hairstyle looks so rad!" they are just begging to be made fun of. And if you have a mullet and are reading this, no you do not get points for yourself. Here are the rules: First one to spot the mullet gets the point. It has to be spotted by a second for the points to be valid and the group must agree that it is, in fact a mullet. The points for this game get a little complicated so feel free to customize it to fit your particular needs. -1 pt for a regular mullet. If you don't know what a mullet is, just remember this catchy little phrase, business up front, party in the back. -2pts for a skullet (the bald mullet), the she-mullet, the 80's rocker mullet, the manicured mullet and the red neck mullet. -double points for a pair of mullets, such as two friends hanging out or lovers. -triple points for a gay couple who both have mullets, groups larger than three or mullets that are hair sprayed higher than three inches. -Automatic win for the day would consist of finding something like this:mullet1.jpg Please, feel free to comment on how to improve upon these classic road trip games or post new games for the generation. If you even put down the license plate bingo game, though, you will be cursed to die the most unoriginal death i can think of at the time.

Burning Sensation in my Laptop

Recently the hotly anticipated expansion for World of Warcraft, thewow_1007.jpg Burning Crusade came out. I got the chance to play it and I was blown away by the improvements made to the game play. The following are the top three coolest new additions to the game.
  1. Ability to have sex: Previously when you wanted to get it on with comely gnome hotty in the game (most likely being played by a 40 year old male nerd) you would have to stand really close to each others characters and wiggle your mouse to make it look like you were doing it. Blizzard has listened to the players and finally implemented intercourse into the game. Now you just need to walk up to any character in the game and right click on them to bring up the have sex screen. If both players click yes then it’s on like Donkey Kong. Of course, as most of players of WoW are used to in real life, you will need a credit card in order to get some. The aforementioned title of the expansion the Burning Crusade comes from the main character Emerdale Sunleaf, a Night Elf Hunter who has contracted a burning sensation in his loins after doing the nasty with a skanky Undead Rouge. He is now on a quest to find the mystical mushrooms of Ghrystan to cure his burning sensation, hence the title the Burning Crusade.
  1. Drug use: Now characters can specialize the in the new profession of drug dealer. They can make, buy and sell drugs. Look for this profession to be even more popular than tailoring. The new race the Blood Elves are especially suited to being drug dealers. Their racial abilities grant them a +2 to joint rolling and they have a natural resistance to Meth lab fires. Also their white skin gives them the ability to evade cops.
  1. Going to the bathroom: You used to have to imagine what it would look like if you character needed to poop in the game.  Well dream no more, for Blizzard has made all your scatological desires a reality. Now your level 60 Paladin can sit on his throne and take a dump in all his glory. The different races have different poop types. Gnomes drop little pellets, while the Taurens drop mighty loads big enough to choke a Thunderhead Hippogriff.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy the Burning Crusade as much as I do. I know I’ll spend hours having my Orc Shaman eating all types of foods just to see what different colors I can make his poop.

Playstation 3 vs. Wii

Hmmm... It's a hard choice on how to spend your after Christmas/Hanukkah money. I hope these informational videos will help. [youtube]MFoyp71xw3w[/youtube] This is a commercial for the Wii. Nobody wants to play with the fat chick. But she is wearing layers[youtube]WPfMUD0_PHA[/youtube] And for the Playstation 3. Why does the font for the Playstaion 3 make me feel like I am going to be subjected to watching really bad films like Blade 3? This one is just creepy. The choice is yours, bored internet fans.