Heroes NBC Post TV

Heroes is(are?) Cool!

In case you've been living under a rock or are one of those annoying people who say they don't watch TV because its a waste of time (by the way pop culture just called and said fuck you), you've heard about the new TV show on NBC Heroes. So far it is only 3 episodes into its season and already it is the highest rated new show on network TV. This goes to show that interesting shows with creative plots and characters can be successful in today mass media society wheren people are constantly bombarded by different types of entertainment. This also goes to show that NBC's new policy to only have reality shows and game shows in the 8 pm time slot is stupid. True Heroes is in the 9pm time slot but will people really be tuning in earlier to watch some shitty game show where people pick yes or no. Maybe NBC should focus on making for good TV shows then putting out cheap crap to get people to watch their network. Unless the game show is a real life Running Man, I don't think that the world needs another game show brought over from Europe. So be sure and watch Heroes, unless your one of those lame people who would rather do something outside in which case go fuck a tree.