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Ask a Stupid Question: Feet

It's tume once again for ask a stupid question, where I post a stupid question on Yahoo! Answers and see how many idiots I can get to actually answer it. This weeks question was, If you could taste with your feet, what would you want the floors of your house to be made of? Below are the top five dumbest answers along with my insightful commentary. feet1.jpg I guess you could make floors out of cheese, well not swiss with all the holes it wouldn't have enough structural integrity, but beer? Last time I checked beer was a liquid, so unless you are the second coming of Jesus then I don't think so. feet2.jpg Wow a girl picking chocolate what a suprise... Mashed potatoes with gravy, that shit would be too hot and would burn your feet, no way that would work. Green beans? Those taste like crap what are you stupid? And how would you clean the floors? What are you going to do swiffer the mashed potatoes? feet3.jpg No I'm not high, but you must be considering you wrote a novella about this dumb question. Why would you allow poeple to walk around your house with their shoes on? Wouldn't you be a little more careful with your strawberry Twizzler floors, I mean my floors are just made of wood and I make people take off their shoes when they walk on them. feet5.jpg Wow what an annoyingly trendy answer. Why don't you move to New York, or as it should be known Nazi Germany with all your fellow fascist liberals. Just because somethings bad for people you think it should be banned. What's next banning sunshine, I bet you bastards could if you would. feet6.jpg Why are you wearing socks you idiot! The whole point is walking around barefoot tasting whatever you floor is made of. If you wearing socks, all you will be tasting is sock, which kind of defeats the purpose. Way to have no imagination I hate you.