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Disposable Income, Consumer Confidence and Fake Nature For Sale

So Jason is asking why consumers aren't confident. And Ryan is realizing the technological future while his wife throws their dishes away. In a different generation, Annie Mo's parents buy gads of technology they're hesitant to use. We need something that we can all come together on, and confidently waste our money on. We all share a basic understanding of nature, right? You can't escape nature. Even old folks can't be afraid of the simplest and most important form of nature - water. So I submit to you, for your splurgey sense... Ice Rocks and Spray On Mud. And after you're done freezing and enjoying your 8-cents-per-cube hypoallergenic ice, and spraying down your SoccerMomMobile with mud that you didn't actually drive through, why not pay to change the state of your water one more time and dip your buttocks into a soothing Jelly Bath? Š